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Kabba(h), not a Better Campaign Weapon for Bio

Kabba(h), not a Better Campaign Weapon for Bio

By the look of things as we approach the November 2012 presidential, legislative and local council elections, the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) seems to have lost focus by consulting the unpopular former president Alhaji Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabba(h) as a political-tribal expert to cajole the Mandingoe of Karina folks to throw their weights behind the killer junta presidential nominee, Julius Bio for the general elections.

This move is completely a miscalculation of the former president’s poor personal human relationship with the Mandingoes he claimed to be very influential amongst, as critics see and described the Kabba(h) move as too late to save the situation not to talk of leading a pre-campaign band wagon to the north where he woefully failed whiles serving as president.

The ultimate goal of going with the SLPP presidential nominee was to get the assurance of the Karina Mandingoes, a call that fell on deaf ears for so many obvious reasons and that the people believe that former president Kabba(h) didn’t work in the interest of the northern region in as much as developmental issues were concerned under the SLPP’s eleven years of bad governance.

Asked what the much acclaimed Mondingoe endorsement of the SLPP presidential candidate means to the people of Bombali district, Briwa Limba chiefdom in particular a business woman, Fanta Mariama Seray Kallon said in Makeni that they are not fools to elect a junta who killed northerners and other innocent Sierra Leoneans under the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) in 1992.

The former president who went along with Bio can attest to the fact that he himself did advise the then NPRC junta not to execute those who were arrested upon their assumption of power, but Bio and his marauding murders failed to heed to the cautionary call so; “we have a better candidate in the person of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma who is presently busy rebuilding our country after a decade of senseless destruction”.

Another Karina resident spoke to revealed that except that former president Kabba(h) wants to muck the people that’s why he went along to Karina with Bio whom he knows very well that he owe the people something.

A member of the Karina Descendants Association which comprise of Mangingoes and Limbas, Chief Sheik Babie Fofana says handing over Bio by Pa Kabba(h) to them does not automatically means that the entire community will vote Bio and SLPP come November, making vivid references to the developmental strides that have been so far made by the government of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma in little less than five years of result-oriented governance.

For the fact the Bio himself does not in any way represent democracy neither development, he should stop at once from roaming around the country misinforming the electorates the he brought democracy to Sierra Leone.

Much to his ignorance is one thing Bio has always failed to understand is that is democracy was paid for by the people of Sierra Leone through rigorous efforts by all and sundry as history can put every records straight into a clear perspective for a better understanding of the public, that indeed the NPRC junta then led by Bio wanted to further maintain its hold onto power, had it not been the popular call of the masses, the killers would have maintained their firm grip on power.

So, let Bio stop misleading the country for goodness sake that he brought democracy. Bio, a point in time when Sierra Leoneans all over the world were crying for multi-party democracy was very much reluctant to hand over power to his said father-Kabba(h) not until when the civil society held the Bintumani National Consultative Conference, coupled with his connivance with the rest of the junta that suspended the 1991 constitution of Serra Leone that laid the foundation for democratic rule in the country. Is this a man that can boast of being a democratic? The people of Sierra Leone should not trust this personality for his is not a a democrat, and did not fight for democracy nor brought us peace at all for peace we called for by us all.

And for peace to be reigning in Sierra Leone today, one political organization can’t just claim credits for that but praises should given to all Sierra Leoneans as it is through the resolves and efforts of every citizenry of the nation that brought peace and stability and it neither the SLPP nor Bio that brought us peace.

Therefore, the Mandingoe folks of Karina, I want to humbly inform you that all claims made by Bio of bringing peace and democracy to Sierra Leone are not true, for all we should know is to hold fast onto, is that Bio is an international criminal, lier and a murderer and above all, where as the All Peoples Congress APC is not a killer of democracy as President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has reaffirmed the country’s commitment towards democracy through the improvement on human rights records taking into cognizance that no journalist has been jail and there has been no political prisoner under his leadership, whiles commendations have come from world leaders praising him for the promotion of political tolerant, adherence to democratic principles amongst other values.

By Joseph Kamanda, Freetown

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