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2012 Elections: Speculations and expected outcome

2012 Elections: Speculations and expected outcome

Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad are anxiously waiting to cast their ballots and elect the next president. In general, the November 17 elections are speculated to be peaceful and violent free as a result of the vigorous campaigns and advocacy mounted by various groups in the country.

On a serious note, the election in question is viewed to be pivotal and a determined measure for the development of Sierra Leone – from the present dispensation to another. As expected, mar-mount task awaits more especially in the area of the economy which I believe much needs to be done.  A case in mind is the sky rocketing prices of precious food stuffs which the government is finding very difficult to control. If for any reason a government is to be ranked successful, the issue of food stuff should be placed very high considering the adverse famine in the rural areas. For the inhabitants of such areas, a successful government is the one which has the capability to provide them with abundant and sufficient food stuff. If this is done, to a very great extent their lives and living patterns would be okay. But no sooner a government embarks on some other developmental agenda as their priority then dis-satisfactory questions are asked. In simple terms, to them, infrastructure, education, transformation are important areas of development but priorities are on food, also agriculture and health are highly placed and going to bed well fed is a matter of concern.

Citizens are finding it very difficult to make life easy despite the claimed improved economy. So our next president should put as a priority that among many other developments the provision of food is more prominent and essential. An enabled environment should be created in the area of business in local commodity production. If this is done the issue of development to the layman becomes a reality and not a myth.

Let us don’t live in the world of utopia, where things are assumed to be well but in reality abnormalities and lacunas are many.

Development is taking place in Sierra Leone in many areas, one cannot dispute that fact. But for development to be felt by the majority of people who never darken the world of schooling, their pots should be on fire regularly.

Scornful eyes are being cast by those vulnerable people to see the next president’s action on their expectations, especially in the area of food.

By Idrissa Kaloko

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