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Readers and the general public are hereby informed that we have bumped into a dossier of documents exposing the immoral attitude of the head of the country’s integrity club – the Anti Corruption Commission, boss, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara. We have also got an inker into his administrative shake up of elevation from secretary to … a shakeup which has created a financial gap deficit in the consolidated funds, and left many senior officials rumbling around the corners like prided cats.

This is a teaser; your appetites are going to be whetted more from our Wednesday edition to the end crux of the issue.

Sometimes when journalists write, people tend to judge them with a pinch of salt, which never serves the right recipe for a diet’s dose.

Now we want to make it categorically clear that the ACC boss owes the public a deserved truth to account on his immoral affairs.  In our April 24th, print edition we reported that the ACC boss is engaged in extra marital affairs and is lavishing money at will to satisfy his promiscuous life all in the name of attending international conferences on behalf of the commission that are not relevant to the work of the commission. Certainly many schools of thought and opinion have questioned the age brackets of persons often appointed to such highly acclaimed positions who end up messing the integrity of the very institution they serve.  These schools of opinion have asked that the president should change his policy of wholesome reliance on young folks, so professing of being knowledgeable to handle such a huge task that goes with the chain of responsibility, and responsible adult life style.

We are aware of the fact that the country’s ACC is a sacred entity and it deserves a responsible stewardship. The probity which many others have failed to demand, we have instituted, because this time round we want to know who investigates the investigators, or better still who should witch-hunt the witch-hunter?

If the ACC wants, let them call us liars for exposing the whole truth of the issue we understand best, but we shall continue to fall heavily on their boss till he tells this country what he went to do in Maryland. It will interest you to know that we have got photographic proof of the commissioners numerous concubines. He said he knows the first concubines we mentioned, but is not in love with them, and even challenged us on the fact that he didn’t visit Maryland and London; and also said he didn’t say his prayers in a church in Maryland on Sunday April 22, 2012.

The battle line has been drawn, we will live to see the victor in this race. SEM is an authoritative publication media that does thorough research on its articles before publishing them and nobody would hold sway on us, neither threaten us on the truth which we believe is a moral armor to the consciences informed by truth and nothing but the truth. We didn’t want to bore you with too much reading but stay tune for more revelations!

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