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Watching through the faces of those children

Watching through the faces of those children

I watched the faces of children under the care and support of the NGO, Help A Needy Child International (HANCi-SL) on the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) and almost shed tears with their outbursts. Of prior concern is the issue of their care and support as those children are destitute and orphans. In whose hands are the treasure of those children when it appears that the country has no provision whatsoever for her children? Still as we could imagine we have a huge record of children living and working in the various streets of Freetown and a high number of them are commercial sex workers who by chance or ignorance often conceive unwanted pregnancies and put to bed babies they can’t support and nurture. Visiting the children centers in Freetown, most children taken there as orphans may not have been real orphans as the case may imply, but it is true that they have nobody who is existing for them and that is when charitable organizations come in to supplement the backlog of love which these children need.

There is big gap between the haves and the have not when talking about the care, support, and stamina of children in Sierra Leone, and it shares the craving ideology that irrespective of their categories they all remain in the category of future leaders the country is bequeathing. Looking at the marginal difference, those with affluence are taking their children to posh schools trying hard to provide them the best education that would secure them a brighter future. These are equally the same opportunities children of poor parents are craving for. Now we have a situation whereby certain individual citizens have put ideas together and see how they can salvage the needs of these children to take them equal to the status of those with the opportunities to acquire their best in education and the government is here saying it should not happen. Is the government aware that those children who are depressed of their human rights and provisions would grow with sour minds to always avenge their lost hope of glories?

It speaks volumes of the fact that these politicians do desire nothing better for the hoepoloe category; they are at the tower point and want to remain there and see less on those children whose parents are poor. My father is minister today tomorrow I should succeed him, but I must secure my future first, is the type of ideology that is currently working. Certainly it would interest everybody who is thoughtful enough to note that most of these destitute children are desired to remain street dancers and for the appropriate time when children of those with affluence come to aspire for the presidency or Member of Parliament positions.

It is high time we put an end to this stereotype in this country. The government in this HANCI case, has played an unfair reasoning to first of all entertain the belief that the NGO should be banned or better still their activities should be put on hold. I can see a clear war of vendetta being pursued by the authorities in charge and it is no insinuation that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice is playing a hand in this wholesome irrationality going as far as dictating that the finances of the NGO should be audited under the NGO’s expenditure. You see each time we see people behaving in a kind of manner, we always observe them to tell what they are up about in their style making. It is no secret anymore that Frank Kargbo is having a political candidate he is supporting that has a fierce contest with the founding Director of the NGO in securing the Member of Parliament aspiring symbol in the APC party. Knowing fully well that delaying the outcome of the matter would score a point in making sure that Dr. RF Kargbo’s profile is related to a criminal’s indictment, he embarks into backlashing to wind some dust.

This politics of dishonesty are now hinging on the future of children whose hands lack the support needed to make them the full human beings they should be. On the other hand threats by those alleged parents of the adopted children of not voting in the forthcoming elections sounded like a weapon of mass destruction in the ears of politicians – who seem to value their threats in a wholesome way.

This is not good for the development and progress of this country and it has to be nipped in the bud at once if social and human development is to hold in the land.

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