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Hero’s welcome for Usu Boie

Hero’s welcome for Usu Boie

Father of FAMBUL, Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara received a hero’s welcome in Freetown on Friday coming from a month long visit of his children and family members residing in the United Kingdom.

The FAMBUL organization which comprises of indigenous trader groups in the Western Area crowned Usu Boie as their father before he left for the United Kingdom.

Usu Boie rode in an open motorcade on Friday flowing aboard from Kissy dockyard where he was received coming from the Lungi International Airport to the National Stadium’s car park where he addressed a crowd of supporters and well wishers.

Usu Boie’s float parade was understood by cross section of Sierra Leoneans to have had a political undertone, but he divorced such claims saying it was more the reason why himself and his supporters were clad in neutral white – which depicts his neutrality.

Speaking at the National Stadium car park, Chief Ya Alimamy Fofanah, the Secretary General of FAMBUL welcomed Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara having served weeks away in the UK on a family visit.  She said Usu Boie is a man of God – a visionary who is development oriented.  She said Usu Boie deserved the hero’s welcome he was accorded as he is that person who has shaped and helped youths of Sierra Leone, disabled persons, men and woman, and other people in many ways.  Ya-Alimamy said they as Market Women and Traders hold Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara in the highest esteem as their father and vowed to always follow him wherever he goes or plans to transfer his future allegiance.

Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara thanked the organization in response for fulfilling their promises of giving him a hero’s welcome back home.  He said he is always willing to be part of them in the FAMBUL Organization till he dies.

He encouraged all able persons to extend helping hands to FAMBUL as they are a a hardworking and responsible womens group.  Helping them in their areas of doing business, he stressed he would help them make a difference in their life ventures.

Usu Boie advised FAMBUL to be much more proactive in their determination and undertakings by staying focused in whatever they are doing.

Asked about his political belonging, Usu Boie said he is neither APC nor SLPP.  He said he is a Sierra Leonean and has a right to belong to wherever he chooses to belong, but said when the time is ripe he will make his full political intentions known.

He thanked his followers for exhibiting such a huge interest in him and vowed that he will always consider empowering women and youths as he believes the future holds in them.

He encouraged Sierra Leoneans to conduct themselves peacefully and imbibed in them a culture of tolerance, love and understanding.

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  • Usu Boie came from a family that had always supported(financially and morally) the “respectable SLPP” party for decades. the SLPP now is a disgrace, so respectable people like the ones named above would not want to be a member of the SLPP party led by a rebel,a thief,a killer, a corrupt passport dealer,an illiterate who was a member of the NPRC and another party until 5 years ago when he joined the SLPP. EVEN the old fool Pua who was intimidating people at the convention had been a member of the APC. one day we will get back our “Clean and respectable SLPP” that will belong to all Sierra leoneans. My advice to Usu Boie is just stay neutral until the time comes for you to be our President.that will be “Manna” to our people when we get a true patriotic citizen like Usu boie who puts country and not self first.

    4th April 2012
  • Usu Boie is a disgrace. This man is behaving like Foday Sankoh days before the demostration that led to his dawnfall. Who does he thinks he is by doing what he is doing? The government should stop this nonsence he is doing and he must realise that he is not a figure in society to be parading the street.

    3rd April 2012
  • His he a new member? When Soyi quit, no one say anything…Why? Because he’s a mendi… When sengue the military guy from the US shone disown the party and went back to the US, why no one says anything? Because he’s a mendi, huh?
    Why making Usu Boie an issue? The man is a citizen of Salone and the right to move to any party he chooses to..and why’s the cham? Never see any tribalistic party such as the SLPP…Crazy people… They just wanted to use him just because of his money and connecting, that’s all… What will you say about Magia? a man who stand for his right, forming his own party and later join the APC to kick out the SLPP government? This is the same tribalism people are talking? So Magia was a tru SLPP and Usu Boie is not a really SLPP? Crazy people!!!

    2nd April 2012
  • If a man who contested the primaries for a political Party and came second in the race declared that he is not a member of that party eight months to national elections, implicitly he is saying he is no longer a member or supporters that opposition party. I think the opposition should rearrange their house to do without him. Had he been a committed member of the opposition he would not openly make such statement. If he is disgruntled, he should rather say he is still a member of the opposition party which he wanted to lead, but he is excusing himself from political activities within say the next one year. Unfortunately for the SLPP party it is a party who after its resurrections shun its faithful members for newcomers in the bid to win numbers. These new members were only interested in leading the party and not to toil with the party in difficult times. Their committed members who have been marginalised are all sitting on the fence afraid to come to the aid of the party for fear that they or their kids will be treated in the same way and manner by the party new members. WHAT ABOUT THE BANDA-THOMAS, TOTE THOMAS, THULLU BANGURA, DUMBARS, CORBAS etc

    2nd April 2012

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