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Profile of Wullaimatu Hanna Bundu Conteh

Profile of Wullaimatu Hanna Bundu Conteh

An emancipator call for conscience philanthropy and development – Hana Bundu Conteh (in photo), a Registered Nurse in the United States, is a member of a unique family that draws upon the philanthropic dreams of her family to promote and foster deeper understanding of the value of education. She is intending to share her experience about self-guiding improvement in social life and culture. Her parents would be remembered as one of the Yoni Chiefdom’s most generous philanthropist and Hanna is ready to extend that good Samaritan effort more generously.

Her full name after marriage is Wullaimatu Hanna Bundu Conteh Songowa (photo), but the middle name, Hanna, is commonly called by the Diasporas.

She was born in 1966 to a dignified parents of Alie Bundu Conteh and Ya Amie Kanu at Makeni Roke Fullah about 65 miles from the country’s capital Freetown.  She attended the Roman Catholic Primary School at the same town from 1972-1979. She made distinction in then Selective Entrance Examinations (SEE) and chose to attend Our Lady of Guadalupe Secondary School at Lunsar from 1979-1984. After successful completion of high school, Mrs. Songowa attended Makeni Teacher’s College where she graduated with a Higher Teacher’s Certificate (HTC) in 1988.

Hanna’s humanitarian sympathies inspired her to teach and do small business at the same time in a bid to be able to help her family and numerous relatives who do not have the opportunity to be educated.  She taught for seven years at Holy Trinity girls’ school. She excelled in her business and transcended to Europe for some years, but later returned home for caring of ailing parents.

In the quest of searching for a greener-pasture, W.H.B.Conteh Songowa migrated to the United States where she opted to do nursing. She started from the bottom level of nursing as nurses’ aid, rose to a registered nurse (RN), and is now pursuing her Master’s degree program to obtain the highest level of nursing education.  Half way in her career pursuit, she graduated with an associate degree from the Prince George College in 2004 and has been working in that capacity as a professional nurse since 2005 to present date.

Mrs. W.H.B.Conteh Songowa’s influences started early in life.  As a child, her father, Pa Bundu Conteh was not a rich man, she said, but was always involved in charitable activity in their place of birth at Yoni chiefdom. Notwithstanding this background, Hannah desired to drive strategy and actions to improve the lives of her people through education offerings which she believe is an immediate need to be addressed. She has contributed immensely in refurbishing several primary schools that have been vandalized by the war in her chiefdom.

Mrs. Songowa and Aunt doing needs assessment at the stadium

Mrs. Songowa believes that searching for hope is a gripping account of life in her area of birth, so she continued her benevolent spirit to refurbish several primary schools, rendering some health support and feeding a great number of people in periodic bases. She believe in this statement: To find hope in the midst of despair and to find peace in the hearts and minds of people from a war ravaged Sierra Leone, Sierra Leoneans from every part of the globe need to become a Sierra Leone raised patriot rather than be Sierra Leonean traitors.  She spoke these words in a telephone conversation during an interview about her recent appearance in her place of birth early this year. It is hard time to be an economic patriot and look forward to a brilliant future she added.  These are inspiring words that had convinced me to write the profile of this young ambitious lady from the northern part of our country.

In her subsequent visit to the country, Hannah admired President Koroma’s penetrating insight into the complexities of the national situation considering the global economic problem.  She said that our president better understands our country’s internal problems will not be forgotten because, as she put it, Ernest Koroma brings to the muddled national and international affairs a clarity of thing and interpretation which is unmatched with other administrations.

From Makeni Roke-Fullah where she was born, to Mathoir, a village where she considered being a center for trade and commerce, to Yonibana, the chiefdom headquarter, Hannah has demonstrated her warm-hearted humanity and deep concerned for the welfare of her people by unceasing service and devotion to a myriad philanthropic causes.

Stay tuned for W.H.B.Conteh Songowa’s continuing profile in the next edition.

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas on-line Chief Correspondent.

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