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Is Julius Maada Bio refusing to answer police call?

Is Julius Maada Bio refusing to answer police call?

The brutality and savagery of the past 11 years of a destructive war in Sierra Leone will not permit any patriotic and peace- loving Sierra Leonean to wish for a repeat of such a sadistic period of Sierra Leone’s history. Sierra Leoneans would prefer to live with their poverty in peace than live in another devastating war that will destroy them again with their families, relatives and loved ones.  (Photo: Tony Bee, author)

Sierra Leoneans will not afford to surrender or mortgage their lives and the future of their children again to a repeat of the barbaric and vandalistic period that left untold suffering and indelible marks of viciousness on them.  Therefore, the poor, innocent and defenseless people of Sierra Leone will not for a million dollars encourage any government, individual or group that will want to lead them into a Hell Fire similar to that of the 11 years of pogrom. 

Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans are still nursing their gaping and bleeding wounds. Many Sierra Leoneans who experienced the war from start to finish describe it as the horrific black history of Sierra Leone, more horrific than any event that has ever happened in Sierra Leone. The shadow of that unforgettable dark period still lingers, so that the slightest sound similar to a gun-fire sends fear into the hearts of people.

The mere mention of the word “junta” or “rebel” is like a burning coal thrown into the hearts of innocent and vulnerable Sierra Leoneans, especially those who lost dear relatives in the war and those who were amputated or maimed in one way or the other. This shows that Sierra Leoneans don’t want to be ruled any longer by the barrel of the gun and by machete-wielding junta soldiers.

President Koroma has ushered into Sierra Leone the democracy that had eluded Sierra Leoneans for a very long time and that democracy must be nurtured at all cost by all Sierra Leoneans who love peace, unity and progress. Pseudo-politicians who think they can smash and grab political power by all possible means should think twice and go back into their cowardly shells. Those who stole money from state coffers fled the country and lavished the money in other countries and have returned with the thinking that they will be able to grab more money by becoming the President of Sierra Leone should think twice.

I think Sierra Leoneans should thank Retired Brigadier-General Maada Bio for his endeavour to inform Sierra Leoneans and the international community about the alleged plan of the ruling APC government against the nation. Well, as far as I know, public statements are easy to make and are allowed to be made in a country where the government allows unbridled freedom of speech. What matters most is the reason for making a public statement like the one Maada Bio made. Perhaps he made the statement in order to save Sierra Leone from a pending catastrophe or he made it in order to win sympathy for his own overwhelming ambition for political power. May I ask one thing: can the old junta leader provide proofs of his allegations that the Sierra Leone government was arming and transporting ex-combatants and foreigners into SLPP “strongholds”? 

Making assertions without advancing concrete proofs is nothing less than the wrangling of a fool trying to fool the people. In fact are there any SLPP strongholds? What is a Stronghold?  Strongholds without development for the people who live there since SLPP was in power for centuries,  such as good roads, good health centres or hospitals,  good markets, good drinking water and electricity in the said strongholds.  Are Sierra Leoneans not allowed to step on the soil of all parts of Sierra Leone irrespective of tribe or political leaning?

The police took the right steps to invite Maada Bio for him to throw more light on his allegations because it is their duty to question individuals who make statements that are seditious and meant to throw fear into peaceful people. If he knows he made the right statements and has supporting proofs, then he should be brave enough to defend his statements at the police station. Statements less dangerous than Maada Bio’s were the reasons why the past SLPP government locked up journalists, opposition politicians and other defenseless people. Those were the days when the wicked hands of a tyrannical government fell mercilessly on the people. I, like all other patriotic Sierra Leoneans, would like nothing more than Maada Bio to meet the police and explain himself to help Sierra Leoneans know the veracity of his statements.

If on the other hand he hesitates to honour the police’s invitation, then he should be described as a coward, a liar and a triple-rated rabble-rouser. He will be like the child who shouts “Wolf! Wolf!” when there is no wolf but only to cause unnecessary panic. Such a person should be prosecuted and be reminded that NO amount of threats by an unpatriotic and tribalistic group can scare Sierra Leoneans from choosing their choice of government. Maada Bio should not think of courting the sympathy of the gullible international community by concocting lies against people who are fighting tooth and nail to bring Sierra Leone back to its lost glory. A soldier-cum-politician who tells lies to win the hearts of the people will also tell lies to betray them.

Meanwhile, as we count the minutes and the hours, we keep waiting for the police to tell the nation about the ownership of the GREEN JEEP that was used in the alleged kidnap case now in court involving some SLPP fanatics. The sad thing about it all is that if the vehicle in question was owned by a poor innocent and defenseless Sierra Leonean, by now he or she would have been languishing in prison but, not surprisingly, there is a law for the poor and defenseless citizens and a law for the rich and powerful citizens.

In conclusion, I am appealing to  all good-hearted and patriotic Sierra Leoneans, including civil societies,  officials of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC), Sierra Leone Journalist Association  (SLAJ), the Sierra Leone Bar Association, the National Union of Sierra Leone Students (NUSS),  the various youth organizations in the country, Women’s  Groups, association of amputees and/or disabled, Sierra Leone Labour Congress, Drivers Union, Okada Riders Union, Traders’ Union, etc. to stand up and ask the SLPP flag-bearer Maada Bio to produce valid evidence to support his allegations against the APC government to enable Sierra Leoneans to take President Koroma and his APC  government to task. But if the ex-combatant fails to provide valid evidence to support his claims, he must face the full force of the law on treasonable charges. Nobody is above the laws of Sierra Leone and he who is brave enough to tell lies should be brave enough to face the consequences.

It is disgraceful and ironical to me to hear that John Benjamin, Chairman and Leader of the opposition SLPP is urging the police to provide evidence for Maada Bio’s allegations against APC government. The ex-combatant junta leader, now SLPP Presidential candidate that made the divide and rule allegations and the police who is to provide valid proofs to the nation and the international community, were the police present when he, Maada Bio was manufacturing the allegations or did they tell him to make such unpatriotic dangerous allegations at the expense of the poor suffering people of Sierra Leone?  Who is fooling who?


Tony Bee, Sydney, Australai

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  • Tony Bee you are a discrass to jounalist in Sierra Leone and abroad. Why do you jomp in to conclusion with knowing the history of the discussion. You are the people who live in other part of the world and ignite problem in this poor country through your wicked and propaganda, maliciours articles. Because APC is so panic of Maada Bio you nothing good to write but to distract the poor people from seeing the truth but this time you will not succeed. We are not fools to be fool with your foololo.

    20th February 2012
  • Complete nonsense, this idiot MUST shut up and continue doing his odd job back in Australia. You think we are not aware of our history? We know the tricks used by the APC to silent the opposition but Bee or Fly or whatever they call you, let me disappoint u by saying that this will no longer work in Salon. We’re going to fight it; SALON belongs to all of us not few tribes and a selected few. Wait and see what happens if they touch Bio. Idiot!

    17th February 2012
  • All what Mr Joseph Bangura had written is virtually true. To add more what he had left behind is tribalism, regionalism and connectocracy which is highly realised among the APC. APC dont know what is meant by democracy so they are always upset when they are opposited. Violence is not or forcing people to be part of you. is not democracy. Even your child or wife will belong to diffrent party that does not show that they are your enemies, it is their own ideology.APC want everybody to support them, that is not democracy. let them forget it that they return this salone to one party state. We will fight toothe and nail to sustain the democracy brought by ex-precident Kabbah and Brig. Julius Bio. Lonta

    17th February 2012
  • Apart from Opposition Leader, Mr Bio is an Ex Head of State of the Country and Police cannot summon him to make statement.

    17th February 2012
  • Tony, did I hear you say that president Koroma ushered into Sierra Leone the democracy that has eluded the country for a very long time? This is a complete interlectual dishonesty.To start with, Mr. Bio have no question to answer from the police. President Koroma, when he was in the opposition, wrote similar letter to the international community during thr run-up election. He made a lot of false allegations against the then government. He was never invited to the police for questioning. If we are talking about democracy here, SLPP is the government that brought democracy. They set the standard so high that APC is finding it difficult to measure up. Look at all the violence in the country, look at what happened in kono, between supporters of the vice president and the minister of internal affairs, that is the APC family, that has nothing to do with SLPP. Look at the number of commissions the president himself set up, to look into the disturbances in the country, the results of those commissioms have been given to him, but to date, he has not taken any action on them, simply because the recomendations they gave, adversely affects his sopporters. Is that what you call democracy? Sierra Leone has a long way to go.

    17th February 2012

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