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Mr. Idiot: Fanning political unsteadiness

Mr. Idiot: Fanning political unsteadiness

Just tell the Idiot who these politicians are, he will certainly tell it all to you.

Of course, it’s the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) again.

Guess what, my people; a risky press releases ya?

So panicking, so dreadful, so unclear- trust the Idiot.

Anyway, I will come to that later. Allow the Idiot put all to their positions; I mean SLPP and APC put together.

Too bad to be forgotten though; how dare politicians misbehave to the electorates who appointed them to power?

Payback time has come and you will certainly pay the price.

As for people living in the kingdom of Idiots, they’ve resolved not wasting their votes on APC AND SLPP.

But for goodness sake, why has politicians not take their time to present their observations, instead were beating the gun thus putting society into panic?

To ask question is no offence at all. And for your information anyhow, the Idiot is displeased with conducts of corrupt and ageless politicians of the APC and SLPP though.

No respect for them at all; in fact ‘respap’ for that matter! Foolish people!

It beats the mental understanding of the Idiot when last week politicians were allowed to occupy studios of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) TV using panicking words.

As for the press release, no time wasting at all. It is hog washed with reckless, useless, thoughtless nomenclatures anyhow.

No withdrawal, no rephrasing at all. The press release is full of nonsensical comments.

But why make unfavorable or threat related comments and called them good talk though, Mr. Government spokesperson?

Will not call his name, but if queried, will give the name of the wrong person- swear to Allah. Thank God there is still a brawl over who should officially be the government’s spokesperson.

Who di cap fit wear am ya! They say he talks bountifully because he is scary he might be exposed of his million ‘dollar accounts’ offshore?

No accusation sir, but a question. The Idiot is merely telling people information told to him; so no need taking him to the court for libel oh!

Den lek libel talk, small thing ‘well dis nar libel we must go court.’

How for say no other offence nor dae again pass dis wan grain libel nor mor?

Good idea sir, your question is in place though: “Why not identify oddities in the press release, and for the sake of peace make amends where possible, or preferably carefully counteract claims made by originators?”

Mr. Idiot supports your suggestion though, but in disagreement with politicians who continually use panicking language that torment minds of the electorates as the elections draws closer.

No qualm still. Call the Idiot an unintelligent fool; he takes no consideration to that anyway.

And be not fooled also, for the Idiot has vowed attacking and exposing conducts of ‘tify tify’ thieves disguise as statesmen- politicians.

Will have no hesitation to name and shame you in public- trust the Idiot.

The too many violence, injustices and corruption must stop now, or the Idiot will have no option but set prayers for you.

He will ask God ‘heeb’ throw curse on you ‘fantaray.’

And as he completes; no mercy, you will surely not live to see the November 17th elections at all, but die.

Even your children and their children’s children shall us not see the coming elections, but die too.

No joke! No joke oh! Your report cards have been submitted to the electorates for examination- you either pass and be voted for or fail and quit the race.

No room for sugar coated vibes; those days are long gone oh!

So, if you know you’ve got nothing to give, pack your belongings and make your way out.

Before I take my exit, my warning nevertheless! Go tell it to the politicians that if they dare ignite unrest; no explanation, but straight to the Special Court.

You yeri! Yeri oh!

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