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Why art thou so cold?

Why art thou so cold?

Our beloved Salone, blessed by nature in the form of plentiful minerals, beautiful landscape, good climate, and the consequential edaphic community, has yet to realize/reap these virtues.  A land of about 6 million has yet to feed its people, clothe them, house them, school them, provide health services for them, the list goes on.

But why art thou so cold?

In my firm belief, the answer to this question greatly lies embedded in the bosom of the ‘art of living’.  Until we understand the purpose of living, and appreciate our community as an ecosystem we’ll always remain short of taking a step forward.  In an ecosystem, whatever affects one component, will to a greater, equal or lesser extent affect all other components.

Due to blindness to this fact, on very many occasions, the interaction between man and society has left the other wondering.

In this light thus, mass education is a prerequisite for a meaningful and irreversible step forward for the nation and its people.

Educating the masses:

The common man must be made to realize his role in society.  He must be made to know that he is entangled in a web of about 6 million of his kind, and that an imbalance in any part of the web affects all, not excluding him.  Awareness to this fact will to a greater extent minimized, if not altogether eradicated, the ruthlessness we’re sometimes forced to witness, and the negligence habituated by most in executing duties; it eventually gives oneself a sense of pride for being a part of community.  So it is the responsibility of the ‘enlightened’ (who already appreciate(s) the ecosystem phenomenon) to enlighten the ‘unenlightened’.

When sometimes home on vacation it is disheartening to see a brother gradually slitting his own throat without realizing it until he meets the wind pipe, when it would have been too late.  These are people who bogusly brag about affiliations that only recognize their being at set times, yet they will vehemently but blindly go to any extent to defend this/these affiliation(s); what a pity. They will support/criticize the other because they’re told to, and when asked why, they tend to bluff their way through, or rather cover up their ignorance by shouting above their voice.

Educating the leaders:

Sometimes I refrain from saying ‘educating’ our leaders, coz you cannot take an oath in an unknown/unfamiliar territory.  More appropriately perhaps, it can be educating them on the need to uphold the oath they take.  We’re all in this together, be it a member of the leading group or the trailing group.  How many of our former leaders who scuffed the nation’s blessings are still enjoying it today?  It’s unheard of.  If as a member of the leading group, you positively play the role you pledged to, trust me, even out of office, you will be like a consultant on the good work(s) you did.  Doesn’t that make your head swell with pride?  If not, then ask Nelson Mandela (Madiba), Bill Clinton, and/or Jimmy Carter how they feel.

God Bless Salone!

By: Ibrahim Kai-Samba (Bob K)-Beijing

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