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Mr. Idiot: Who’s that Police IG?

Mr. Idiot: Who’s that Police IG?

Some call him IG, others the Inspector General of Police, but Mr. Idiot calls him a stooge; one who lacks the characters of a good police leader.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, author)

No hesitation saying it at all. Sef, if words of the Idiot seem libelous, take him to the court.

Dare anyone attempts that, will have no hesitation deal with him/her at all.

The Idiot is been boiled by spiritual native fathers, and was assured his ‘kanda’ body is stronger than metal.

You try him you see it you regret it.

Given the ubiquitous role of the Idiot, his people have asked him give the report card of the current police IG.

He is also been asked to unavoidably explain why the IG of police has not respected his predecessor- then IG Acha Kamara.

They say he was referring to him as his ‘co- senior’ and has compliantly failed given him his compliment; salute or say ‘yes sir’ to him.

But has it been told to all that the Idiot of a type is wealthily experienced vis-à-vis basic policing disciplines and duties.

Give him small time, and you certainly will see him recite laws as in manuals of the police verbatim.

Was trained and schooled in the police academy at Hastings some years past, worked as one of police’s smartest investigators before resigning to become an Idiot of a type.

The police law books- manuals; police act, routine duties, criminal law I and II etc are in his head and can itemize same at ease.

The current police IG can attest to what the Idiot now says.

They say the IG of police calls Di Obai his Kortor? Ridiculous though, can’t believe it at all.

Anyway, that is not for the Idiot to comment, will leave that with the wise of society. Else fools may unwittingly say he is a ‘trouble maker as usually the case.

Sir, how about the case between SLPP Aziz Carew versus APC Fadika?

Of course, the Idiot was himself in court days past and saw with his naked eyes how Aziz was braced in handcuffs, escorted and loaded into a standby prisoners’ vehicle to be conveyed to the central maximum prison where he now takes rest.

Take heart oh! Paying the political coin ya! Same was done to ‘leather boot’ or call him the buckskin guy; Di Obai’s most trusted bodyguard.

He beat up the defenceless and case ends ‘buffing;’ no question at all.

Can happenings of the court be translated to the understanding of the lay of society?

And if nobody is there to do same, I the Idiot of a type will certainly do.

My people, how for goodness sake can a man be sent to prison for ‘wounding,’ and a musician, thugs and idlers who riotously caused the death of two released?

No blame, no disrespect, no condemnation for the judiciary. They did just what they should do.

Had the police IG not tell his boys proffer misdemeanor charges against killer gangsters disguising as musicians; no way the court would have granted them bail.

It has reached the twitter box of the Idiot that the IG of police is outwardly a puppet of the powerful and mighty though.

That he takes unlawful instructions from politicians and in turned tell his boys act on them unrestraint.

It is sure I the Idiot of a type shall have to deal with the IG of police in private and as well in public. Just wait to see what comes up next issue.

Will say it all to all, trust the Idiot! Lonta!

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