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Mr. Idiot – All Idiots Political Party formed

Mr. Idiot – All Idiots Political Party formed

Our time is come. We shall win, win, and win trust us.  Just when the Idiot of a type is told that the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) wants him register a party – the All Idiots Political Party (AIPP), he quickly summoned a meeting of Idiots informing them that he is been asked to be a part in the politics of Sadlone.

Dis nar big secret oh! But why had PPRC asked persons tagged as unintelligent, senseless, dimwitted and brainless joined the political wagon ahead of elections 2012?

Just give the Idiot chance, he will soon tell it to you straightforwardly though.

To all who have intention to join the AIPP party, you are encouraged to submit a knife, two cutlasses, two ex-combatants and at least five turn coat politicians- strictly from the APC or SLPP.

It is the resolved of founding members of the All Idiots Political Party that I Mr. Idiot should be the leader of the party.

Good idea, good thinking, good meditation.

No doubt politicians keep submitting respectful salutations to the Idiot; bestowing him with nomenclatures they never ever accorded him.

Wrong notion my people. No son of man-so to say- the politicians shall convince the Idiot abscond his party- the AIPP- to join old aged APC and SLPP political parties at all.

And for your understanding anyhow, our motto is: no retreat, no surrender.

And our party’s song: “nar tin kin make tin bi oh, nar tin kin make tin bi oh, den say hu dat corrupt e nor for rule Salone nar en dem all bus cry bicus dem know dem sef.”

The AIPP party is here not merely to develop Sierra Leone, but teach politicians how to perpetrate brutality at elections.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Almost forgot to discuss why in fact the Idiots political party was formed.

Our party shall also promote corruption and direct how monies kept in offshore accounts must be handled.

Surely, God being our helper, monies banked in accounts outside Sierra Leone shall by no means be enjoyed by the thieves ‘sorry rogue politicians’ unchecked.

And even that UD$40 million reportedly banked by one of Sierra Leone’s big ‘allayjos’ wheel dealer politicians will be discussed and a safer offshore account located.

These and more are the good concept the AIPP party is sure to bring for Salone pipul ya!

Fellow countrymen, it’s been the yearning of Idiots to empower corrupt politicians so as to make them more professional in corruption.

As the leader of AIPP, I shall unavoidably teach my members how to steal government money, build multimillion mansions, provide European and American education for our children, ride expensive cars and drink Heinekens or becks day in and out.

Need not comment on violence at all. The stage is all set come 2012; and we in the AIPP shall certainly join ‘chuk chuk’ knife fighting politicians or turn coat political prostitutes; yesterday SLPP today APC wreak political violence against adversaries- swear to ward 369, Fadika, Aziz Carew, Hon. Liwally host of others.

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