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Mr. Idiot Laughs his gut over police deceit!

Mr. Idiot Laughs his gut over police deceit!

Fellow countrymen, wonders never end oh! The Inspector General of Sierra Leone police almost yesterday made the Idiot laugh his gut out.

IG Munu, people call him, has revealed the incompetence of doctors working at the Connaught hospital.

And I am sure you’ve all been told that the kortor of Di Obai whose outward looks carry the trait of policeman, in the inside a politician – so to say – the Inspector General yesterday told the nation his ‘yes police officers’ never beat up Abdul Aziz to coma.

His exam papers are drawn; the report card of who they say should police 2012 elections 2012 will soon be out.

Brothers, sisters, all join the Idiot as he invites the leadership of Sierra Leone ‘force for good’ to shamelessly say deceitful words to the easy to fool public.

No surprise at all; but in case you do, just stroll to Connaught hospital and ask them explain to why whether indeed SLPP’s Abdul Aziz was not in coma when admitted at the intensive care of that hospital.

Yes, and indeed Sierra Leone is truly enjoying the sweet presence of the legacy of British born Keith Biddle a ‘force for good.’

Although others call it ‘putrid’ or ‘rotten police force,’ the Idiot respectfully salutes the IG of police, but asks that doctors who had admitted Abdul Aziz at the intensive care of Connaught hospital gives reason unscrupulously for doing such.

No excuse though; the police boss has said it all.

Call it a stench or disgusting odor or whichever, the Idiot is upset over revelation that doctors have unintelligently admitted a patient who pretends to have gone coma, but was not at all.

My true confessions are that the IG of police unlike other statesmen is indebted to Di Obai of Salone rain or shine.

And it is for sure no doctor has got the gut to challenge his statement that Abdul Aziz was practically not in coma or any state of unconsciousness at all.

The Idiot supports your stance Mr. IG of police sir.

You have the right to fight for whom have made you what you are sir.

But Mr. IG sir; is it a confirmation that doctors working at Connaught hospital are incompetent?

Will there not say ‘dow’ word, but leave it with the doctors to react.

No denial at all. Just when the Idiot got the information that a politician was at the Connaught hospital in coma, he rushed to the scene to ascertain the truth of the allegation.

Of course, Abdul Aziz was truly in coma.

As an Idiot, though not a medical officer; I have been tempted ask that stooge police IG, who practically has no control over his… nonetheless the security of a state country.

Dis one soba ya! Police den sef don begin for lie bo!

“I ordered his arrest. I was told Abdul Aziz wanted to escape, and so therefore called on my boys (yes sir police officers) ordered them to bring him me at all cost.”

The Idiot almost laughs his gut when words of the ‘gbagbati’ police boss were recited to him.

Guess what? They say the tribal ‘fit in’ of the police boss is howashed with ‘gbagbati’ stubborn attitudes.

No doubt confessions of the IG police; ‘I ordered my boys to arrest, beat to coma, and possibly detained Abdul Aziz of SLPP,’ interprets how in fact he is unable to control his…  say it yourself if you like.

The Idiot awaits comment from doctors at Connaught hospital regarding IG Munu’s disagreement that a patient once admitted at the intensive care was never sick, but well kain kain.

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