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”A week of prayer”

”A week of prayer”

The national call by president Dr Ernest Koroma to pray for peace and progress for MaMa Salone is a perfect timing or vision.  When one looks at our ugly past and semblance of it, happening now in our country, one would crave for more than just praying, and wish for permanent peaceful solutions exist within our political system.

It is a big shame that, when we have enjoyed relative period of calm and peace for four years of APC rule after the nasty war, that ruined our history, faith and progress, we are yet reminded of miscreant behaviour of ruthlessness, and barbaric acts, that we never thought would come to haunt Sierra Leone again.

It is deplorable to note that when musical idols like Emmerson, Shady Babe, K-man, and others are psychologically treating the nation to forget the past with productive and entertaining music, there are unholy people ready to inflict mayhem and destruction to the people of Sierra Leone .

Prayer is worship, and worship is belief that distinguishes the pagan or” kafri” from the believer or ”mumin.”  I know two wrongs would never make one right, and that is why the government of the APC is stomaching all the blame with patience for whatever menace is done to our citizenry. I think there must be a way out, Mr. President it is a general opinion that you are a peaceful person and progressive AND MEAN WELL FOR MAMA SALONE, and would not want to hurt anyone, but, we also believe the law must be implemented in order to protect the state and people from those who do not obey the law.

I believe there is law even in heaven or hell, the law in heaven is obedience and the law in hell is disobedience.  Whilst we pray, we have to know the meaning of prayer and how to pray. WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES: ”Jesus taught us to avoid repeating set formulas in our prayers ” when praying he said ”do not say the same things over and over again” (Matthew 6;7″).  If we want God to listen to our prayers, we must pray in the way that he approves.  To do that, we need to learn what god’s will is and then pray accordingly.  First John 5;14 explains’ ‘No matter what it is that we ask according to (God’s) will, He hears us.

In the holy Quran in a simplified manner the transliteration goes ‘U-DUH UNI-ASTABALKUM’ – meaning Allah said ‘CALL ME – I WILL COME TO YOU.’

So brothers and sisters as we pray to our heavenly Father in heaven, we pray for everlasting peace in Sierra Leone.

We ask thee o Lord bring understanding to all so that we can tolerate one another.

We ask our leaders in different political parties desist from evil, let their hearts fill with piety, love, and PEACE for mama Salone and her children AMEN/AMINA

Augustine Kamara

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