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Lansana Fadika stabbed and APC supporters butchered in Sierra Leone

Lansana Fadika stabbed and APC supporters butchered in Sierra Leone

The opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Chairman of Constituency 104 in the eastern part of Freetown, Aziz Carew has on Saturday January 14th 2012 been heavily accused for electoral anarchy that happened during the constituency’s by-elections that left Lansana Fadika- who recently crossed to the ruling All Peoples Congress(APC) party – seriously wounded and scores of APC diehards butchered.

Mr. Fadika whose crossover to the APC is causing serious political depreciation to the SLPP was sensitizing constituents along Canteen Street to exercise their franchise when Carew in a pretext of cultural prostrated before the newly APC convert (Fadika) till he was stabbed with a horn on his thigh.

Lansana Fadika receiving first aid treatment at Connaught Hospital

Ibrahim Lewally bleeding profusely from a machette cut

In addition, the SLPP Chairman was seen leading a gang of mobs who with machettes wounded scores of APC sympathizers including Abdul Lamin aka American and Ibrahim Lewally,a relative of the constituency’s  Member of Parliamentarian, Honourable Tundae Lewally.   They are presently at the Davidson Nicol Medical Centre at Cole Farm.  Both Lansana Fadika and Ibrahim Lewally are presently in the operating theatre of the Davidson Nicol Medical Center. 

Please stay tuned for more information.

By Momoja Lappia

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  • Thank God the security apparatus are now seeing how it going to look like in the fort coming Elections so they should start to put modalities in place on our to tackle any violence starting from the Campaigning period to the announcement of the final results.

    21st January 2012
  • it doesn’t called for,,,the SLPP supporters should change their attitude

    18th January 2012
  • Unisa, you would have gave an eye witness report since the event took place right in front of your face, rather than just a scanty comment. We know APC are at their games again. This is a party of violence. The word democracy does not exist in their vocabulary. The leadership will order police to perpetuate violence on the opposition, and then come out to denounce violence to satisfy the international community. The International community are begining to know Ernest Koroma’s true colour.

    16th January 2012
  • Is good we start teaching these guys a lesson

    15th January 2012
  • Violence for the sake of politics?! Why am not surprise? Will somebody please educate these fools? They don’t start to benefit anything except misery! In the end, it doesn’t matter which political party wins, things are not going to get better overnight! Sierra Leone still has a very long way to go in terms of…. EVERYTHING! Trust me, violence will only take us back deeper into dinosaur age! What a shame!

    15th January 2012
  • Strange how news get reported in Sierra Leone. This event happened right in my neighbourhood but what i see here is in many ways out of context. What has happened to objective journalism in Sierra Leone?

    15th January 2012

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