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Mr. Idiot: The running mate impasse – rubbish!

Mr. Idiot: The running mate impasse – rubbish!

Nar complete rubbish bo!  Dis running mate business go bring plenty die nar APC oh! Ar sweh to politics en mama Salone!

No doubt Ministers and a number of APC officials have had timeless and restless moments; knocking on doors of media houses to request them to publish blackmailing stories against compatriots’ political folks.

Thank God the Idiot has not been one and will never ever not be one at all.

Dissimilar to the others, the Idiot of a type would virtually not sit by and see wrong things happen and not put a stop to it.

And I am sure you now know the direction of the senseless, unintelligent and brainless Idiot though.

Need not explain conducts of big name APC politicians, who for a number of reasons vis-à-vis – the fight to dethrone the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, but rather tell it to all how they’ve been visiting shrines of ‘evil prophets’ to ask them regulate the mind of the President to their favour.

The Idiot knows them and will dare not hesitate call them by their names sooner than later.

2011 has just rolled by. To many, It was presumed 2012 would have ushered a joyous and wealthy moment in the history of Sierra Leone.

But behold it is becoming worse though.

Count the Idiot out. Out he says. And until politicians stop their foolish, selfish, and wicked dirty game, I the Idiot of a type will certainly not stop but always go after them.

For he will neither sleep nor slumber, but ‘go after, repeat ‘go after’ the ill-fated politicians with his ‘cobocco’ truncheon, and beat them up seriously.

And soon ask the police help train followers of the Idiot on the use of truncheons when beating up power thirsty and corrupt politicians; no time will be wasted reporting them to the Anti Corruption Commission this 2012 at all.

But is it to the knowledge of President Koroma that some selfish politicians attempt obstructing the respectful ‘end of year’ visits of the Vice President to his Kono brothers and sisters?

They say however that Diana Konomanyi aka Diana Billiongate wants Vice President Sumana unseated and not appointed as President Koroma’s running mate in the soon to come elections.

But Mr. Vice President Sir, have you been told that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Prof. Musa T. Gbose Gbose and your Kono sister, Diana Billiongate have both taken an oath to fight you till the end.

This, to the Idiot is a complete shocker! So tell me, why have your sister, your district and tribal mate resorted to fighting you?

Or is it you’ve allowed her being exposed of corruption and tagged Diana billiongate?

The Idiot is being informed that displeased Kono councilors have it more say concerning Diana; waiting for the information anyway!

No contention though! Just when the Idiot had access to archives of Kono council, he was left with no option but to pray to become a politician so that he can himself overuse billions of public’s money just as Diana has done.

It is unfortunate however that Idiots are uncounted, less considered, and less measured when wise politicians discuss.

Of course, need not comment on observations as in gossip chats of selfish politicians with regard insinuations that President Koroma aka Di Obai intends appointing Musa T Gbose Gbose or Diana Billiongate as running mate in place of his Vice President.

There have been timeless and ceaselessly complaints from the Konos to the Idiot for the information of Di Obai.

That if he (Di Obai) dare not re-appoint their brother and son of Kono soil, VP Sumana, they (the Konos) will surely not vote for him in the November 17th elections.

Don’t you blame the Idiot for transmitting information that is unbecoming of an idiot of a type though?

For as an Idiot, he was trained to say things just as they reach him; and not reduce or add to them at all.

Sir, in the Idiot’s last write up, he congratulated you for job well done.

That during his visits at road construction sites at Wilberforce and Spur road, he spoke to the Chinese doing the said roads sir.

Even though the Idiot doesn’t speak Chinese, some of his Sierra Leonean brothers employed by the very Chinese translated words told to him by the Chinese.

“chin’hun’chin, chin chin, Chian fun ku kon chin chun.”

But your Excellency sir, do also know that the Idiot is being compelled to bring to your notice that your Minister of Political Affairs has ungraciously lied to the electorates of this country.

They say he once told them there was 2000 tons of Guinea rice for sale at the markets at cheaper cost, knowing same to be false?

Who says Mr. Idiot is mending fences with the Vice President?  Go ask him, he will tell you that he is the Idiot’s hated politician.

Need not waste time on that but go straight to the point.

Be it told to Diana, Musa T. Gbose Gbose and the rest that the Idiot is vexed over disrespectful behaviours meted the Sierra Leone Vice President by all as mentioned above, and has vowed to unfailingly revenge such.

I am sure politicians, all who at present fight the Vice President for running mate, must have known by now that they’ve been disrespectful not to the powers that be, but God as a spiritual being.

I rest my case.

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  • Mr. Idiot. lef that to the APC camp. We are a family. “teet en tongue dae jam” but living together and performing the same duties. It will be resolved peacefully.just keep your cool and thanks for the fake concern. It is a wake up call to all our APC brothers and sisters in high positions of trust not to sleep whilst on duty. We are at work and must go on unabated.

    15th January 2012

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