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Mr. Idiot: Well done Mr. President

Mr. Idiot: Well done Mr. President

Your Excellency sir, the Idiot is indeed over-pleased with you for your timeless efforts in the repairing of roads found lying at Wilberforce and Spur road main high ways.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

Just as the he (Mr. Idiot) forever says, “a good politician deserves unflinching consideration,” so would he practically not hide the goodies of straightforward public officers.

To this, the Idiot has undeniably and exclusively, without option, saluted you – Mr. President – for putting premium – so to say – on the repairing of the Wilberforce and Spur road correspondingly.

I am sure opponents of the governing APC may likely characterize the Idiot as ‘mending fence’ or ‘toeing line of President Koroma aka Di Obai.

No. Wrong idea, wrong notion, wrong belief!!!

But say whatever you may. For it is a known fact that the senseless Idiot is an uprightly forthright fellow.

No son born of Chris – Di – Thorpe of NEC Commission fame is able to pollute the Idiot at all.  

For it is only when the Idiot’s would have died that his remains possibly, would be used by political party(s) or so.

Anyway, allow the Idiot report to his fans all he has gathered during his visit at respective road construction sites in Freetown.

And as an Idiot, I was moved by the pace and firmness of President Koroma (Di Obai) in his pursuit to speedily repair the mostly needed Wilberforce road.

But before explaining the goodies, allow the Idiot to state verbatim, all that was said to him by the Chinese as they repair the Wilberforce road.

“Shian hu hun chu hung Mr. Idiot. Ar chin hun tian chung Mr. Idiot. Wilberforce road chang chu now now now,” the Chinese contractor said.

Be not bothered however. Just hold your peace and wait for Mr. Idiot’s interpretation of words as told to him by the Chinese some days past.

Need not interpret them now! But for the sake of those of you who are hasty readers, summary of what is said by the Chinese depict a conclusive kudos to the President. 

Most surprising though was the fact that 90% of Sierra Leoneans working with the Chinese communicate and translate the Chinese language well.

And guess what? It was told (interpreted) to the Idiot that the Chinese have praised President Koroma (Di Obai), but says his followers – Ministers, Parliamentarians, others not ‘gooder’ at all.

The word ‘gooder’, as interpreted to the Idiot means ‘good’ to the Chinese anyway.

No surprise to the Idiot at all. This has always been the weep of the electorates that there have been ‘awanpies’ thieves in the cabinet of the ruling APC party.

Your Excellency sir, it is a pleasure bringing to your attention that the Chinese are of the understanding that too many of your Ministers are kleptomaniacs.

Go tell it to them that they’ve been exposed to the Idiot and will surely and uncompromisingly have to tell it to all.

As the head, you’ve been completely exonerated sir.

In fact, the Chinese have asked the Idiot tell it to you that your government has made them rich in Leones sir.

That you pay money to them every week!

The Idiot still keeps in mind emphasis of the Chinese on the use of the word ‘gooder’ relating same to you sir.

I am sure readers have been furnished with the meaning of the coined up word ‘gooder’ by the Chinese?  

Nice idea Mr. President. But could it be the reason why the banks have resolved returning to the old bad system sir; ask for a withdrawal of Le 15 million and get Le 2 million?

So true sir, no lie at all.

A friend I lately spoke with barely days to Christmas holiday told me he was at a bank to withdraw money from his account, but received just about 20% of the requested sum.

Your Excellency sir, even as Mr. Idiot takes his leave sir, allow him speak for the second time that an amount totaling Le 880 million meant for the construction of a contemporary market is reported missing.

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