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Mr. Idiot gives Christmas cheer up to Di Obai’s

Mr. Idiot gives Christmas cheer up to Di Obai’s

Shame on those who insist Mr. Idiot is politicians’ most hated being.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

It was joy all over when news about Mr. Idiot’s Christmas salutation reached the tables of Di Obai’s of Mother Salone.

And to His Excellency sir, the Idiot appreciates your concern and wants you be told that he has resolved to impartially send you and your Vice President a Christmas salutations in any case.

But your Excellency sir, the Idiot wants you tell him how true are hypothesis that you have once asked your Vice President to resign his position sir?

I have asked this because fingers are pointed at some of your Ministers – so to say- those who battled for running mate in your party sir.

Some are accused of conspiratorially scheming malevolence; wickedness and ill will against the Vice President because they want you appoint any of them your running mate and not him (VP).

No time wasting at all. For as far as the Idiot is concerned, the published Al-LIE Jazeera footage makes no sense to him.

The footage is full of inaccuracies and just that! To the Idiot, it is a complete hogwash to use blackmailing information to nonsensically fight the Vice President of a nation such as Sierra Leone.

Will not stop until you vomit names of those who hired you to castigate the second statesman of Sierra Leone! Trust the Idiot!

And in case you forget sir, the Konos have told the Idiot to tell you that if you dare touch their brother and son of Kono soil, Samuel Sam Sumana, they will have no choice but disregard you and your APC party at pools.

The Idiot, on number of times, has heard people discussed the Al-LIE Jazeera video; name tagging it as all but a ‘set up’ against government and the Vice President.

No disrespect to cabinet Ministers at all! But disrespect to those ‘cheap’ and ‘power craving’ Ministers, who restlessly, sleeplessly, ceaselessly and with no sense of direction patrol shrines of native doctors to unnaturally acquire mystical powers and use same on President Koroma as announces his running mate for 2012.

Go tell it to those 19 US congress men that they are less 4% of the number of congress memberships and so, have made no impact and have woefully failed their exams.

The letter they sent the US State Department is seen as somewhat political; not respected/ not granted/ not accepted by Sierra Leoneans at all ya!

As an unwise Idiot, I have myself proved the other wise; that conducts of the 19 US congress men is unfavorable and needs carefully studied.

In the letter written Hillary Clinton, the 19 congress men sited instances where responsible international organizations have attributed deforestation to rampant logging operations; but at no time have they (congress) ever adviced the US State Department to put pressure on Sierra Leone and causes them impose laws restricting illegal logging at forests within and around the country.

Just wait a minute and see the Idiot exposes game plan of the very international community.

It’s been hacked that 80% of the US congress have little or no idea of what Sierra Leone is, or how it operates.

That because small-minded Sierra Leoneans have over-excitedly misled thoughts of novice congress men, they (19 congress members) irrationally write, demanding for an investigation to the published Al-LIE-jazeera footage on Sierra Leone.

So what? Could this not be a good Christmas salutation though? It is of course sir!!

Please take my Christmas ‘samba’ salutation in good faith your Excellency sir.

Now, allow the Idiot surrenders his Christmas ‘samba’ offer to all Ministers of state including those who currently come to blows with the Vice President as they battle for running mate to Di Obai in 2012.

Be it told nevertheless that the Idiot is been tasked by the Gods of Idiots to accurately and meticulously list down names of competing APC Ministers, Honourables and Councilors for this year’s award.

Few public officers (Mayor Herbert Williams not excluded) will enjoy the pleasures of an Idiot award as best performed and behaved servants for 2011.

The selection of His Lordship the Mayor of the Municipality of Freetown came owing to votes cast to his favour; congratulations and kudos sir.

Of course, the Association of Idiots (AOI) is all set to present it usual end of year awards to deserving Ministers and other public officers nationwide.

It will also give special awards to those who fight to see the Vice President dethroned.

No award will be given hardworking and loyal Ministers at all.

But why has Father Christmas not celebrates Christmas with us in Sierra Leone this time? I remember him complain to me (Mr. Idiot) and pin pointing at the unsolvable hardship…

Well, it seems as though that Father Christmas missed his point.

I (the Idiot of a type) was lately told by traders in Freetown that the 2000 tons of Guinea rice will soon be distributed at respective markets for sale at a cheaper price.

Once the rice is made available, the Idiot will practically not waste any time but secure 20 bags and will surely have to cook 5 bags on Christmas day.

But if the rice is again not availed at all, I will uncompromisingly not shut up but tell it to the world that the Minister of Political Affairs in Sierra Leone is a big liar.

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