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Mr. Idiot: Vomit that Le 880 Million… Will Wash Though

Mr. Idiot: Vomit that Le 880 Million… Will Wash Though

This is disturbing though. It’s been told that Mr. Idiot has been complained to Di Obai for his unmoved stance on exposing unwholesome conduct of states Minister; so to say, the missing Le 880 million.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

Just as President Koroma insists he will maintain his stance on ‘zero tolerance on corruption,’ so is the Idiot to the ‘Le 800 million’ once donated by Milestone Limited to government for the construction of an ‘ultra modern market?’

An ultra modern market indeed! Just go to residential areas in Freetown and see big name politicians building ultra modern mansions in place of the exaggerated market for traders in Freetown. 

To you Mr. Minister of Works sir, I am sure you know I know it was during your tenure as Trades Minister that a sum totaling Le 880 million was donated to the Sierra Leone government for the construction of a market in the city of Freetown.

And will it surprise you nevertheless that the Idiot has hacked information that explains evidently that the said amount was in your custody up until your transfer to the Ministry of Works last year?

And don’t you dare say a word to the mentioned allegation at all! For all the Idiot wants you do is, go tell the Di Obai that questions have been raised concerning the whereabout of the money.

Tell him also that Mr. Idiot has warned reproducing photocopy of the Le 880 million if the whereabouts of such amount is not told to the gullible public.

Its 4 year since Milestone donated the Le 880 million to Sierra Leone government anyway. And up until time of Mr. Idiot’s perplexed over the whereabouts of the forenamed amount, nothing is physically seen done concerning the commencement of construction of the said market.

Trust the Idiot! None, including you, will go walk free if the missing Le880 million owned and belonging to Sierra Leoneans is not returned them.

The Idiot calls it hogwash. It is foolishness also that state officials neglectfully agree forgoing US$ 1.5 million in place of pittance Le880 million.

How? Will soon explain that, give me small time. According information hacked from state house archives; it is discovered that management of Milestone Limited once pledged US$ 1.5 to Sierra Leone government for the construction of an ultra modern market in Freetown.

The money, as in leaked state house files, says however that the Le 880 million was part payment of the pledged US$ 1.5 million.

It was also agreed that Milestone pay the rest in bits as work progresses.

The Idiot has been told that anti corruption boss is wakefully aware that the Le 880 million has chopped by big ‘allayjos’ statesmen, but failed to institute investigation against them.

Need not bother him at all – his days as head of the ACC are numbered trust the only Idiot sir.

You will soon be shown the exit door and that your usual Le 48 (sorry Le 78 million) monthly salary will no-longer reach you anymore- you bad corruption campaigner!

Swear to hardship and to blackout, Mr. Idiot wants Minister Alimamy Koroma told that copy of the swindled cheque has reached him and will be published now, now, now.

Who says the amount was longed transferred to the Freetown City Council! Too good to tell a lie!

And please be told that the Idiot challenged information that the Works Minister and team had longed transferred the amount in accounts owned by Freetown City Council; wrong deal, wrong notion, wrong idea and no dice for you at all!

Any delay in returning that Le 880 million to the Ministry of Trades and then to the appropriate quarter will render all, including the Minister of Works anti corruption convicts- swear to the goddess of Idiots. No excuse at all. You will surely be matched into the theatre of the Anti Corruption Commission and operated of corruption.

Sir, could this be true that you are the mightiest of all Ministers with regards gulping Heineken…alcohol? So they told the Idiot sir. But the senseless Idiot denies such sir.

And was it you that he saw at the China House club gulping Heineken at will. Well, if it was you, then no denial to what people say though?

Idiot did see you gulping (sorry swallowing) pints of homollay few Fridays ago sir.

Be not dismayed though! The Idiot was himself at the China House and saw you lavishing money on drunken drink colleagues.

My last word: if nothing is said about the Le 880 million, course upon you; surely, badness and no forgiveness shall follow you all the days of your life, and you shall dwell in the house of satan forever. 

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