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Mr. Idiot – Whoop: Idiot saw that one!

Mr. Idiot – Whoop: Idiot saw that one!

Will surely go after you in -out- of Sierra Leone; deal with you for acting so childish. (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

In fact, why put your mobile phone off from the Idiot? Why not switch it on, and tell the Idiot why you had published inaccuracies on Aljazeera TV.

It sounds surprising though that the likes of Sorious Samura can be used to negatively and deceitfully make the Vice President of Sierra Leone look like a corrupt government official.

And don’t tell the Idiot it is because Sorious is a Freelance journalist; and as freelancer, he should dreadfully look for money and just that – no respect for professionalism at all…

No excuse though that the likes of Musa Tarawally, Dianna and… wants Vice President Sam Sumana deposed.

No dice! Your prayer will never hold at all. In fact, the Konos have asked the Idiot cautioned Di Obai that if he attempts not re-appoint their brother Sam Sumana as running mate in the soon to come 2012 elections, they will have no option but not vote for the APC.

And could it be true that Albert Momoh, an employee of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) has escaped toSweden?

So true though! They say it was Albert who filmed the office where money allegedly changed hands between the undercover journalists and Alex Mansaray and Momoh Conteh was done.

Need not run away if what was said about the Vice President in the clip was true.

To you brother Sorious! Is it acceptable calling you Sorie or Sorieba Samura?

The Idiot knows however that your coined up ‘Sorious’ name is ‘off the culture’ of cherished Mama Salone.

It is practically not among names accepted in Africa or Sierra Leone at all.

But trust the Idiot, Sorious is his friend and a man he used to like, but now hate.

Yes, he is hated because he failed to tell where exactly money bribed Alex Mansaray and Momoh Conteh was done; but rather deceitfully told the easy to fool public that it was at the office of the Sierra Leone Vice President the bribery took place.

As for those who say rubbish to the Idiot, pay back time is come and you will surely be dealt with unrestraint.

And please tell it to your man Sorious Sorie Sorieba Samura (SSSS) that an Idiot of a type has challenged contents as in footages published by Al-lie- Jazeera TV thus making theSierra LeoneVice President look like a corrupt state official.

I am sure Sorious must have been told by persons that are familiar to the Idiot that he is a no nonsense man.

Swear to Al- lie- Jazeera, the Idiot is unhappy with Sorious because he had told the world that money paid to Alex Mansaray and Momoh Conteh as they investigate corruption in Sierra Leone was done at the office of the Vice President knowing same to be false.

Surprising though that he has turned round to say again that there was no exchange of money at the Vice President office at all.

Better still asked Al-lie-ja-zeera employ him.

Go tell it to Al-lie-ja-zeera also that in Sierra Leone there are names such as ‘Sorie’ or Sorieba and not Sorious as dreamily transformed by brother Sorious to make it look like a westernized name. The Idiot calls that a fake.

Tell Al-lie- jazeera that the Sierra Leone’s Mr. Idiot wants them provide direct evidences showing how the Sierra Leone Vice President was implicated in corruption; else, the brethren will legally deal with you all.

And guess what? The Idiot is being told that politicians of the governing APC have sponsored Sorious’s moves in making the Sierra Leone Vice President painted a corrupt official.

Show me your friend, will tell who you are! So true brother Sorious Samura!

The Idiot has hacked information that your mission to blackmail the Vice President was sponsored by the ‘allayjos;’ big men in the governing APC.

But thank God Sorious has said it to Premier radio and Democracy radio that the Vice President has not received any money from the undercover agents, and no money was received at his office- case closed!

For your information though, no son born of Adama is able to caution the Idiot discontinue his crusade.

The senseless but fearless Idiot has resolved name shaming persons involved in the ‘set up’ plan against the Vice President.

No consideration for politicians whose names have been posted in the twitter box of the Idiot; and who’s been accused of secretly pressurizing President Koroma unseat his Vice President.

Will surely deal with you! They say 5 Ministers namely: I.B Kargbo, Alpha Kanu, Alimamy P. Koroma aka Le 880, etc have had ceaseless moments ‘congossaing’ eavesdropping negativities to Di Obai.

Need not waste time on that at all. Now that Ministers have joined Sorious to make the Vice President look like a cheat and have him sacked, the Idiot is all set to help poor Sam Sumana fights back.

And it is not for you to tell the Idiot put the prefix ‘Vice President’ to the name ‘Sam Sumana;’ it’s not your business.

Had you respected him, no way ganging against him! Shame on you!

As for Sorious, the Idiot is done with him for today, and will practically not say anything to him anymore.

No respect, no consideration, no admiration for him any longer.

It’s been hacked by the Idiot that Alex Mansaray, who takes rest in cells of the police, before his arrest confessed however that Ministers (5 in number) have had ceaseless time convincing him say negative things against the Vice President.

Say what? That Sorious bribed the Vice President money? Go say it anyway, that’s your business and nobody will listen to you at all.

This is big disgrace to Sierra Leone. Now, see in your mind’s eye and ask yourself why are Sierra Leonean politicians so selfish that they’ve got the time to pay undercover agents to say libelous things against their colleagues because of position.

Your Excellency sir, it’s been told that you’ve been told that some of your Ministers want you unseat your Vice President Sir? How true is that to you Sir? You know the Idiot respects you Sir. He saw you few days ago unsecured, driving a vehicle along streets of Freetown. He was surprised and wants you tell him where you were going; to play golf or squash Sir? Will not dare comment, but leave so ya!!!

Back to your Ministers sir! Their backbiting hobby has apparently engaged them far more than their official work.

And no doubt the Idiot hardly meets these 5 Ministers at their offices working.

Well, in the Kingdom of Idiots, where the Idiot is King just as President Koroma President, the salutation is ‘love’ all the way.

But from the understanding of the senseless and unintelligent Idiot, it is as if Ministers in the Koroma’s government promotes ‘hate’ for ‘love.’ Your plans have failed and foiled. No dice at all.

Your plans have been exposed, and I am sure you will soon reach your ‘Waterloo’ final destination.

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