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Climate change: top polluting nations talk in 2012 for global warming

Climate change: top polluting nations talk in 2012 for global warming

It is unofficial but suggestive as a pointed solution for global warming; it submits that world leaders gather for a summit where talks on climate change will hold and submit commitments that will drive focus on curbing emissions. This meeting is becoming important as some Top Polluting Nations (TPNs) are waiting for others to act and using the media to pass faults.

This will not be a UN meeting because the United Nations have something similar holding of late at the end of every year for nations to agree to slash emissions. This objective is good and may continue until a deal comes but these meetings are too big and diverted from the important objective to piffling issues like carbon credit, carbon trading and technology transfer.

Every nation on earth today has an emission share and it is higher for industrialized nations. Most industrialized nations are Top Polluters (TP) and have a substantial amount of development for this. The United Nations push presents that both big and small emitters agree in a deal to curb emissions. This for small emitters “should come immediately” probably because of ease to adjust against what is obtainable for TPNs.

Joining big emitters and small emitters for moves to slash emissions is making the objective treacherous because they are not on equal status or phase in reality. So it is expedient that summits for TPs organized by them hold because the UN cannot bring all together in year-end meetings and also put up another meeting for TPNs that may look like a division within itself to combat climate change.

These therefore require that TPNs hold talks annually from 2012 and bi-annually possibly from 2015 if success in this direction is mounting. This meeting will have national leaders attend and talk with the knowledge that most of them understand what their nation’s politics and economy is saying.

The talk will send suggestions to curb emission within themselves as trade partners, as partners in R & D, and also with a good understanding of emission cut limits because of current economic climate. The meeting will have individual nations submit proposals and request support from within; two or more nations can also present similar plans for review or support.

The summit will canvass for climate change adaptation procedures as an investment they should pursue individually for effects common to their environment. Funds for R & D for better and cheaper adaptation procedures can be started individually or jointly for TPNs. With or without funds or transfer of funds, R & D will be encouraged in universities of TPNs to help both big and small polluting nations from climate change desolations.

The meeting will provide opportunities for developing nations in TP class to present their case and impossibilities; developed economies will send frank and realistic counsel to them. The meeting will also declare stronger commitments to combat climate change from next decade when global economic recovery should be settling after wobbling in recent years.

Washington championed a similar meeting for nuclear issues in 2010 and will be hosted again in 2012 by Seoul. The first Top Polluters Talk (TPT) should be held in Beijing because of China’s emission share and the importance of China’s commitment to curb emissions.

China is also appropriate because of its vulnerability to climate change effects and the global momentum that will follow if China strongly decides to tune from emission liberality. China’s push from the short to the long term can be a model for other developing nations like India with high emission share.

The European Union and Britain are ‘getting it right’ with moves to fight climate change, Australia too is on track so worries for some developed nations in the TP class are less. The biggest question for this class is the United States, with a high number of studies for climate change and a sizable number of skeptics; can the US really curb emissions?

The United States is willing and capable to drive emissions down within a time frame. The US will likely not take this action without a concerted global push even without a UN deal. The United States will be a part of the TPT with the president in attendance to boost push locally and with allies towards combating climate change.

After the meeting in Beijing, Moscow should follow in 2013 because of the importance of Russia as a nation usually with differing views on global issues. Taking the talk to Moscow then will see Russia as a TPN and also a member of the UN Security Council join in efforts locally and globally against global warming.

TPT is not expected to pursue a treaty neither will it be a medium to argue or disagree but will mostly be a closed door meeting of world leaders where both mitigation and adaptation will be considered and reality will center every talk and decision.

TPT will also be a big boost for future UN year-end climate change meetings because the direction TPNs are looking at before coming for the meetings may be the focus for others. TPNs can also give a date likely for an international agreement shifting the purpose for UN meetings away from a deal till that time.

Top Polluters Talk is deadly important for now because Top Polluting Nations are the big players and the major solution to global warming is curbing emissions.TPT will involve meeting of presidents and premiers rather than the one held a few years back that hosted ministers.

Summits like the G20 and APEC where country leaders attend are taken more seriously than those ministers attend. The presence of leaders in summits drives some commitment and attacks slyness since there will be preparations before and confrontation respectively.

Coordination for this meeting can come from China since that is where the first meeting should be appropriately held, it is with the Chinese authorities to see this suggestion as part solution and contact others for what may be a major directional move to save planet earth from climate change.

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  • Superstition, omen worship, sacrificing goats and witch burning combined, are no match to the absurdity of this advanced stage of human achievement regarding the powers of the cosmos as being weak, fragile and delicate and in need of Human stewardship. Nature laughs at Humans regarding themselves as immortal Gods because if we too can boil planets, so too are we immortal Gods with the powers of Gods. Climate change wasn’t about a changing climate; it was about CONTROLLING a changing climate. How you ask? By taxing the air we breathe with bank funded and corporate-run Carbon Trading Markets ruled by politicians. Were the scientists lying? No, not within the confines of their equation that first assumes climate change to be real. They virtually studied the effects, not causes of a crisis that hasn’t happened through 25 years of this consultant’s wet dream of CO2 climate research. It was pure correlation and nothing else and despite there being tropical fossils under the melting ice and on every continent, it still “assumed” this climate of the last 200 years or so as “never” to have happened before. And no, ice cores are not like some temperature dipstick from a Harry Potter movie. There are more papers written on how to interpret them than anything else. Keep in mind that you can’t have a little catastrophic climate crisis. Only a comet hit is worse than a climate crisis so ask yourself why are these countless thousands of consensus scientists not making themselves visible and acting like it’s the crisis they say it is? They outnumber the climate change protesters and sit on their thrones spewing lies and needless fear with complete immunity. Studying a worst case scenario isn’t a crime, but it sure acts like tool of immunity for these exaggerating lab coat consultants. Too bad exaggerating isn’t lying anymore. We missed getting Bush so let’s get these fear mongers in court and let’s not forget the decades of “science”, denying the toxicity of the deadly pesticides they gave us that poisoned the planet in the first place.
    The climate blame movement is officially now an insignificant cult judging by the fact that occupywallstreets list of demands made no mention of CO2, climate change or greenhouse gas and the greenhouse gas ovens you condemn billions to with such glee. Obama didn’t even mention the “crisis” in his state of the union address and if you still think there are enough voters to vote YES to taxing the air to make the weather colder, YOU are the new denier. Climate change was unsustainable and history has a special place for you fear mongers.

    25th November 2011

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