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Further political education for secretaries of SLPP & PMDC UK & NI branch called for

Further political education for secretaries of SLPP & PMDC UK & NI branch called for

The political education officer, Mr Idrisa Dizo-Conteh (senior), APC UK & Ireland branch calls for further political education for both secretaries of the SLPP and PMDC, UK & NI branch (Photo: Mr Idrisa Dizo-Conteh (senior))

In  response  to  the  joint  statement  by SLPP and PMDC UK and Ireland I  wish  to  appeal  to  both  secretaries  to  go  back  to  the  drawing  board  and  learn  more  about  world  politics  of  the  21st Century.  I  think  both  men  have  lost  their  political  bearing  and  as  such,  it  is  incumbent  on  them  to  be  properly  guided  in  order  for  them not  to  publicly  expose  themselves  as  political  secretaries.  In fact,  it  would  appear  to  be  a  big  slur  to  my  integrity  if  I  should  waste  my  precious  time  to  such  premature  letter  of  no  substance  to  digest  upon.

The  joint  statement  letter  is  a  clear  indication  of  both  party  branch  secretaries  trying  to  divert  the  attention  of  peace-loving  Sierra  Leoneans  who  have  seen,  in  display,  the  unbreakable  record  of  President  Ernest  Bai  Koroma  in  areas  such  as  electrification  of the whole  country,  free healthcare  for  pregnant  women  and  under-fives ,  and  food  security  for  the  whole  country.  The list of his achievements, in just four years in office, goes on and on.

The  two key  concerns mentioned in the joint letter were : (a) the  APC  symbol  used  to  advertise  both the  OGI event  and APC  Dinner and Dance on a single  flyer  (b) the  funding  involved  on  both  occasions.  I  must at  this  point  hasten  to  inform  both  Secretaries  that money spent  by  the  APC- UK branch to  produce flyers,  bearing  both the OGI and APC events,  have  nothing absolutely to  do  with OGI  funding  and  I  invite  the  Anti-Corruption  to  probe  into  any relevant  records.

There is no doubt that the  present  APC-led government  is  an  inclusive  government  of  both SLPP and PMDC  working  together  for  the  good  of  Sierra  Leone.  Both  the  SLPP and  PMDC  should  appreciate  this  objective  fact  of  the  good  gesture  of  the  President  to  appoint  them  in  his  Cabinet  of  Ministers  for  Peace, Security, Progress  and  Development  of our  Country.

Both  the  SLPP and PMDC, UK- branches  should  have  reflected  on  the  vote  of  thanks  and  praises  delivered  by  the director  of  OGI – Madam  Mrs Khadija Sesay,  which  was  directed  to  the  UK-Reading  Sierra  Leonean  Community  group  and  not  to  the  APC – UK  branch.

I  think,  it  is  high  time  for  all  Sierra  Leone  Political  Parties  to  put  the  past  behind  us (according  to Dr  Ernest  Bai  Koroma) and  engage  in  Nation  building  for  the  sake  of  our  children  to  live  in a free  and  prosperous  country.

Our  present  President  is  a  man  with  great  innovation  with  the  ability  to  utilise  his  initiative  and  professionalism  to  resolve  state  issues.  And  I  think,  he  has  passed his  exams  with  distinction  which  has  qualified  him  for  a  second  term  in  office.  He is energetic, passionate and has shown a strong political will to tackle the country’s socio-economic problems.

The  price  paid  by  the  people  of  Sierra  Leone  for  Democratic  freedom  was  too  high,  in  terms  of  lives  and  infrastructural  damage  to  the  whole  Nation.  I  strongly  believe  this  time  around,  the  people  of  Sierra  Leone  are  fed-up  with  anything  whatsoever  that  could  lead  the  Country  to  the  brink  of  civil  unrest.  And  let  us  don’t  forget  that,  when  a  war  breaks  out,  it’s  the  poor  innocent  people  that  suffer  the  most  because  of  lack  of  money  to  escape  to  foreign  countries.  The time for procrastination is no longer to be tolerated.   We must  put  the  interest  of  the  country  as  the  primary  concern  by  all  Sierra  Leoneans  in the country  and  aboard.

I  feel  flabbergasted  sometimes  when  certain  people,  instead  of  praising people  for  a  work  well  done,  instead,  they  would  result  to  condemnation  and  killing  the  spirit  of  such  needed  people  in our society.

Democracy  is  neither  a  dream  nor  can  it  be  achieved  overnight.  But it’s  a  system  or  process  of  government  by  the  whole  population.  I  strongly believe  that the  president  of  Sierra  Leone  is  just  doing  what  Democracy  is  all  about,  by  engaging  members  of  other  political  parties  in  government.  And that is the right thing to do.

Sierra  Leone  is  being  rated  highly  and  also  qualified  to  hold  a  seat  for  good  governance  and  the  promotion  of  Democracy  in  Africa  at  the recent  Commonwealth  Conference in  Australia-  2011.  What  a  very  big  thank  you  for  our  President  to  make  Sierra  Leoneans  feel  proud  of  their  country – (MAMA  SALONE)

Let us face another fact.  According to  the  UN, Sierra  Leone  is  now  considered  as  one  of  the  champions  of  ‘Human  Rights’  in  Africa.  I  think  any  true  Sierra  Leonean  should  and  must  agree  that  the  president  of  the  Republic of Sierra Leone – Dr  Ernest  Bai  Koroma  has  done remarkably well. And he will  do  more  wonderful  job  for  the  good  name  of  the  whole  country.

Since  I  was  born  and in the history of  polities  in  Sierra  Leone,  I  have  never  seen  any  president taking the views of the citizens seriously – except President Koroma.   He stays awake up to 2am daily just to pay attention and listen to the concerns of the people ofSierra Leone.  I am an eyewitness to this – as I have joined Dr Koroma in some of his presidential trips in the provinces.

When Sierra Leone progresses and becomes a developed nation, who stands to benefit from the outcomes?  Why do some  of  us fail to  use  our  common senses  to  face  up  with realities of  life.  I  think,  the  fault  is  not  in  our  stars,  but  in  ourselves.

At  this  juncture,  let  me  conclude  by  quoting  one  practical fact  By  H.E. the  President: ‘Let  there  be  Light,  and there  was  Light’  in  90 days  of  taking  up  office.  My  fellow  Sierra  Leoneans, let’s  avoid  petty  grievances  and  work  collectively  for  the  good  name  of  SIERRA  LEONE.

About the author:

Mr Idrisa  Dizo-Conteh Snr., LLM in International  Law Political Education Officer- APC-UK & Ireland Branch.  Former President of the APC former USSR & Eastern Europe branch,  1988-1994). 

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  • PhD from Harvard or Cambridge is not a licence to stifle development. Hashim, you have not read the text properly. It was all about the man’s view about our hardworking President and not about his degree from USSR. APC has changed the discussion or mindset from Politics to Development.

    24th November 2011
  • SLPP/PMDC have lost their reasons said Shakespeare. One of their operative once said the President will fail in his development project because he is addressing it throughout the whole country. But there is no sign of failure since he said that ill-will statement. It is stressful for people wishing failure for their country. We all know the group that is fond of such lies or propaganda. He who does not love his country is not fit to live. Let us forget about them and go ahead with our development programmes.

    23rd November 2011
  • This LLM guy is a joke ,and i believe he must be habouring some nostalgia for the old USSR as he seemingly do for the S.I Koroma’s APC . Young man you’re s very good mismatch for your undertakings in politics. Good luck with your sheepish transformation .

    23rd November 2011

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