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Mr. Idiot: The bomba mayor of our time!

Mr. Idiot: The bomba mayor of our time!

No, he is the City father and not a land grabber.  He is also the ‘Freetown’s father.’ He is mandated by law (City Council Law) to take by force any land in the municipality of Freetown.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

Don’t you ever call the Mayor a land grabber anymore?  For as long as he occupies the mayoral chair, he is obliged to embezzle tax payers’ money or take possession of lands as and when he feels.

So, tell me, was not the Mayor aware of the fact that the land he has stuck a sign board on, belongs to an old woman of God?

And where has he (Mayor Williams) got the order to abruptly take possession of a piece of land situated and lying at Fergusson Street in Freetown.

They say he has ordered sizeable number of youths to use the land for the sale of dangerous drugs – diamba…

Of course, the Idiot was at the land site last week and saw himself, a sign board bearing the inscription: ‘this land is property of the Freetown City Council.’

Gush! How dare a man who calls himself the city father heedlessly and unlawfully take hold of a land owned and belonged to poor Haja Sia Alie – a trusted woman of God.

But is the Mayor not also a reverend father- a man of God too? God bless the Idiot for not dressing himself in borrowed robes.

Need not explain the repercussion it has to persons claiming are men of God but does things opposed to God’s will – drink alcohol, womanize and/or, so to say, smoke weeeeee.

Sorry sir, I am told you are a perfect man of God. Is that so sir? That as the Mayor of Freetown you are untouchable and unstoppable; nobody checks your conduct at all, be it good or bad?

Anyway sir, in spite of the powers vested on you by ‘Di Obai’ sir, Mr. Idiot says ‘zero’ to such and has vowed battling your stance to grab, steal or take hold of a land owned and belonged to poor Haja Sia.

Yes, the Idiot has been told it is the Mayor’s intention to wickedly convert to his very benefit the property of a defenseless Sierra Leonean woman of God.

I am sure you must have been told that the Idiot is fearless and challenges anyone attempting to disadvantage the poor in society.

Your Lordship sir, the Idiot is told that you’ve had your ghetto boys’ act as squatters to the land at Fergusson Street? Why have you not take them to the land where you have your church sir?

Or is it your intention to unfeelingly take hold of the old woman’s land, build another church there and then collect offerings from the congregation for the purpose of merriments sir.

Now I know why you excitedly stuck up a sign board on the land at Fergusson Street and deployed drug takers there.

What about monies collected as tax in 2010 sir? I am told it runs down to billions sir?

But why are your workers complaining that they’ve not got their salaries for four consecutive months now?

Please don’t mind the Idiot sir. He is a novice to issues of public administration and did not at all know that monies meant for public use, could be used for the deceitful construction of private houses by corrupt public officers sir.

The Ministry of Lands and Country Planning has recently forwarded manuscript that gives an idea that the land at Fergusson Street is indeed the property of Haja Sia Alie and not you Mr. Mayor.

It’s been told also that you (Mayor Williams) know however that the land you now held in your custody is not yours, but covetously hold onto it.

No dice at all. And the Idiot will virtually not sit by and see you Mayor Williams disadvantaged a defenseless woman at all.

I am sure you now know where the Idiot is coming from. Just when Mayor Williams grabbed the land at Fergusson Street, he was observed ordering his boys not allowing Haja Sia makes any access to the said land.

Sir, as the elected Mayor of the municipality of Freetown, do you think it is in the best interest of your political party-The APC- wadding into land grabbing overindulgences?

 I have asked this question because I lately found out that your fortune of becoming the next Mayor is seemingly winking; and it has to do with your recent land grabbing scam sir.

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