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Mr. Idiot: Kono, Bo Bloodshed… Report Out!

Mr. Idiot: Kono, Bo Bloodshed… Report Out!

The Idiot was practically happy when at the cool of last night he got it right that State House has put out a release confirming that the reports on both the Kono and Bo unrests have been submitted to President Koroma.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

This is indeed a very big kudos to them that smartly and speedily did such a wonderful job.

Count the Idiot out anyway. If he proves that you who did the investigation found shelter for particularly the politicians, he will surely not let you go free, but expose you.

Of course, it is no news to all that cabalists of politicians have had a field day using invectives against poor Mr. Idiot.

Just yesterday when he got into his ‘email box’ to respectfully check his mail, a message was already at the fore waiting. Guess what: “you useless Mr. Idiot, we now know you are that too stupid, but trust, we shall surely have to deal with you… blah blah blah.”

Anyway, time permit, the Idiot shall have to deal with that later, allow him handle that which makes the issue and not fake threats.

According to the State House press release, it is stated that police investigation has proved that the Kono attack was not spontaneous but had been pre-planned by 12 persons.

Surprising though was the fact that no person, not even the names of the ring leaders was mentioned in the press release at all.

Thank God, Mr. Idiot’s name is practically not in the list of persons identified as perpetrators of the Kono or Bo shoot outs.

And of course, as an irrational Idiot; a senseless and mindless man, it is not for him to question findings and recommendations of persons appointed to look into both the Kono and Bo shoot outs at all.

But again, was not Sierra Leoneans perplexed over revelations that the Kono shoot out was indeed an in-house political rivalry?

Who says, the Idiot said so? Did not a good number of Sierra Leoneans including indigenes of Kono district undeniably asked government investigate the Minister of Internal Affairs for ordering his police officers shoot at unarmed Kono youths?

“12 persons,” the release says, “will face prosecution for unscrupulously perpetrating unrest in Kono.”

Wonders never end though! Will it surprise you that the Idiot has hacked information concerning the Kono disturbance and has vowed to put them out verbatim?

Who dare you caution him not do that! Go to tell it to all that Mr. Idiot has no attachment to anyone, and has resolved publishing page by page, recommendations and findings of the police regarding the Kono shoot out.

Not to say anything about the Bo report; Mr Idiot will talk on that later.

The Idiot is for sure not pleased with the fact that only 12 persons are reportedly accused of inflaming the Kono unrest.

Disheartening to the Idiot is the fact that the politicians from whose names sprung the unrest have virtually not been indicted or cautioned at all.

Anyway, Idiots have small brains. But just as the State House press release mentioned, “12 unscrupulous persons and 40 perpetrated both the Kono and Bo unrests. All will soon be arrested and charged correspondingly,” so also is Mr. Idiot’s shocker when he realizes that indeed no politician will face the wrath for igniting either of the unrests

Whether in fact those tagged as principal offenders have done so with the understanding of some politicians or not, is virtually not the concern of persons tasked to investigate the Bo and Kono unrests at all.

Meaning that, those who physically took part in the unrest are those to be held responsible, period!

Now the Idiot is made to understand nonetheless. No wonder some sections of the media, in the recent past, alleged there was an attempt to bribe members in the investigation committees.

Please forgive the Idiot for talking nonsense though.

He has had no experience in the investigation of political disturbances and can therefore not say much at all.

Please bear the Idiot and listen to all the nonsense he now says.

No matter what people may say anyhow, the Idiot will indeed not stop, but live to accept as true that the Kono unrest emanated from the visit of the Minister of Internal Affairs and must have formed the pillar of direction during the investigation.

But for goodness sake, why not at least mention the name of ring leaders in both the Kono and Bo unrests so that society can begin to make informed judgments and not guess who the 12 in Kono and 40 in Bo are?

Are politicians not part of the 12 in Kono and 40 in Bo to be charged?

The Idiot is concerned and might want to ask whether politicians are above the law.

Your Excellency sir, has the report on Kono not stated reasons why a State Minister ordered his police to fire at unarmed youths?

And was it also not questioned the visit of the said Minister? But again, is it also not the right of the Minister to travel anywhere in the country as long as he does same within the ambits of the law?

Thank God Mr. Idiot’s hands have been made to completely come clean.

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  • Mr.Idiot, We accept your apologies of being an idiot. Yes, We live to learn every day. now to teach you a bit of that, the Bo and Kono issues are now in the court of law. The offenders will be annouced by the culprits already apprehended and definitely they will give us the correct info. about those who sponsored their evil deeds and by God’s grace the truth shall be revealed. Our country has suffered so much, We know we have heartless people in our midst and the almighty God will bring them to justice here and the hereafter. We know those that are happy to have such chaotic atmosphere in our country but Gov. Clarkson prayers for Sierra leone is still hunting for the enemies of our country’s progress. HYPOCRITES

    8th October 2011

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