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Mr. Idiot – How clean are President Koroma’s hands?

Mr. Idiot – How clean are President Koroma’s hands?

Joy overflows minds of brothers in the Muslim faith just when the Mr. Idiot and President Koroma visited Jamieu Jalil mosque to witness the last week Friday prayer.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

Of course, no mention at all how the Idiot smartly avoided eye to eye contact with President Koroma.

It was all a shock when later it was told to President Koroma that the Idiot was with him at the Jamieu Jalil mosque to join respectable Muslim clergies for prayer.

You know what? President Koroma told the crowded mosque that his hands were clean, and that his four years of governance have brought enjoyment in the minds of Sierra Leoneans.

And I am sure those of you who know the Idiot may want to ask him whether the speech of President Koroma was all that okay to the hundreds of Muslim worshipers.

No answer for you at all.  As an Idiot, it was not for me to examine the speech of the President.

But again, it is but compelling to the Idiot that the President’s statement be meticulously translated to suit the understanding of members of the Association of Idiots (AOI), who practically are more Idiots than Mr. Idiot.

So, Mr. Idiot was however left without option, but first come up with character illustration of President Koroma and others by way of a cartoon pictography (read below) so as to respectfully describe how the scene looked like just when Di Pa was confidently telling Muslims how clean his hands were.

Even though the Di Pa was later hinted that Mr. Idiot was around, he heedlessly pays no attention but boastfully keeps telling the hundreds of worshipers that his four years in power was all achievements.

“My people,” he said, “since I took power four years ago, my hands are clean… and feel free to examine them and report to the whole wide world anyway.”

Of course, the President never knew how he was mocked by almost all that heard him deceivingly and misleadingly talk of his undefended achievements?

The cartoon is there to illustrate to you how people interpreted President Koroma’s speech at the Jamieu Jalil mosque past Friday.

No sleep for the Idiot on the night of President Koroma speech at all.

He was left to meditate all night long and read through concerns of Muslim worshipers of Jamieu Jalil mosques.

Anyway, the Idiot doesn’t just see the President as having a cabinet of 80% unclean and dishonest Ministers, but one that has been sailing into red raw corruption some four years now.

Again, just take a look at the pictorial (cartoon) and see how flies hum around the hands of the President to get a taste of the fragrance of his clean hands.

Underneath the President’s right hand was a skinny and bony lady that is seen covering her nose refusing to smell the sweet scented perfume coming from the clean hands of Sierra Leone’s big man. And please don’t ask the Idiot who that man is; he is no one but Di Pa.

No doubt Mr. Idiot’s bright shaft of light was quick to capture photographs of Tribalism, regionalism, awarding contracts to relatives, ordering the passing of Mining Bill with utmost urgency, refusing to pass the FOI Bill, encouraging wife grabbing land rightfully owned Bassam Basma, mother interfering into chieftaincy elections etc as evidently observed on the left and right hands of Di Pa.

And for your latest information, the Idiot has been instructed to submit full report concerning the visit of the President to members of the Association of Idiots (AOI) to enable them finalise who and who should not be admitted as a new convert in this year’s intake of Idiots.

Anyway, it is neither the wish of Mr. Idiot nor the rest of Idiots to appoint educated politicians as members of AOI at all. But because Idiots believe in the doctrine of democracy, they’ve had no option but to go by the laws as preserved in their constitution nay the unavoidable appointment of politicians as members of the AOI.

Be not forget also that with the Mr. Idiot’s new ‘New Direction’ haircut (a cut he copy righted from the Presidential Flagbearer of the Sierra Leone People’s Party Julius Maada Bio) he has been able to remarkably gain knowledge in Micro-Biology thus allowing him identify germs on the hands of President Koroma.

The Idiot is practically not convinced that the imported 2000 tons of rice from Guinea was received on loan at all. He has been told that the rice was paid for in cash by that APC talkative.

My people, fellow countrymen, it is the wish of the brainless and stupid Idiot to bring to you information concerning IMF’s disgruntlement over government’s involvement in business, especially that which has to do with the recently transported rice from the Republic of Guinea to Sierra Leone.

Yes, I know people don’t listen to the sayings of the Idiot because he has no sense.

Though a fool, he has had the opportunities to have one on one discussion with political big horns and highly placed foreign representatives of respective international institutions.

As for those of you who insist on calling the Idiot an irresponsible fool, I am sure my God will deal with you one day. I was not born an Idiot at all. I became an Idiot due to the unending and nonstop hardship, corruption, tribalism, land grabbing, emergency passing of mining laws, refusal to pass the freedom of information bill etc in Sierra Leone.

So you see why you who called me Idiot stupid must stop now. Wait a minute. Would it surprise you also that the Idiot has been told that the Di Pa will soon be awarded as world’s highest spending ‘agbagba’ in the world?

Me, tell you who that Pa is? Over my dead body would I make such a mistake? Thank God, as an Idiot, I fall under the category of the insane. Nobody expect me to say anything sensible at all. And in fact, the words I have said never made sense to anyone anyhow.

So even if I now say that President Koroma is likely to be awarded as world’s highest spending President, it is of no sense at all.

To this then, allow me drop my pen and rest my case and leave you with the cartoon below!

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  • Some of you are opportunists by having the prevelledge of calling this God sent President’s name in your mouths or even to write silly things about him.Your political gimmicks are stupid and bias. so go to hell and take care of your thick skull. Do you think President Koroma to be a magician to lift the Sierra leone economy overnite or is he President Obama with the largest economy in the world? Of course “NO”. This is just the odd feelings some of you good for nothing Guys have developed in your pot belly stomachs against this great leader. God will punish you enemies of progresss in our beloveth country.
    AS for the editor. Your title Mr. IDIOT is NATURALLY written all over your face. I reserve my comments but I can assure you, YOU will remain to be Mr.Idiot till doomsday. And let me also remind you that the President has never heard about you, of course noticing your presence is a taboo. so do not imagine yourself to be recognised in this community. take your chance, keep posting your columns, you will always be disappointed. Presidenk koroma is currently at the UN meeting the greatest men and women in the globe dinning with Obama and the first amongst the equals of the world and you with the “mama-put more cookery huts” talking “idiots”. Blood pressure will kill you soon, MR. IDIOT.

    23rd September 2011
  • Indeed Di Pa’s hands are clean. He took over when the USD was Le295,000 to 100 USD. He kept his hands clean until the USD is now Le450,000 to 100 USD. A bag of rice was Le 60,000. He kept his hands clean and now a bag of rice is Le 180,000. He continues to keep his hands clean until there is no paper at FBC to write. He soiled his mouth to say free healthcare but kept his hands clean when people are dying because they could not see or touch the free healthcare. Actually his hands are clean. He is not in charge but how long is he going to keep his hands clean? Until the last Sierra Leonean is dead?

    22nd September 2011

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