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Bio’s visit sparks unexplained violence in Bo

Bio’s visit sparks unexplained violence in Bo

Friday 9th was a ‘Black Day’ for people of Bo soon after supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) confronted rival APC party supporters accusing them of inflicting multiple wounds on the head of their Presidential flagbearer Julius Maada Bio. (Photo: APC office set on fire)

It was confirmed by BBC Umaru Fofanah that the SLPP Presidential flagbearer sustained multiple wounds on his head as he passed by Mahei Boima Road in Bo town to say thank you to the numerous SLPP supporters for voting him as their party Presidential candidate for the 2012 elections.

Maada Bio was wounded with stones allegedly pelted at him by supporters of the ruling APC soon after he approached the APC Bo regional office at Mahei Boima Road.

The incident, according to our Bo correspondent, flickered the burning of the APC Bo regional office, the residence of the APC regional Chairman and the shedding of blood by supporters of the SLPP in retaliation to what they refer to as inhuman and cruel conduct meted their Presidential flagbearer Maada Bio.

Just about the arrival of Maada Bio in Bo town, he was sincerely saluted by a colossal number of supporters including executive members of the SLPP party.

It could be recalled that Bo District is one of SLPP’s strongholds and which always experience the presence of thousands of supporters toeing line in team spirit of their party throughout moments of electioneering.

Sheik Sillah's house

Even though government is yet to come out with a statement updating Sierra Leoneans of reasons leading to the Bo disturbances, eyewitness accounts have it nevertheless that a stone was thrown at the convoy of the SLPP Presidential flagcarrier from the direction of the APC office nay inflicting multiple wounds on the head of Maada Bio.

Reflection must however be drawn to the fact that immediately after the appointment of Maada Bio as SLPP Presidential runner, opponent ruling APC officials and supporters have had moments digging out histories relating to skewed killings meted 26 Sierra Leoneans during reigns of NPRC, and multiple Army elevation; all but against Maada Bio and as a way of denting his political strides.

r-l Julius Maada Bio, Kadie Sesay, Dr Abass Bundo

Civil society organizations, human right institutions and the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) have all condemned manifolds of political violence observed in Kono and Bo towns in weeks past.

Just about a week or two, it was reported that the Minister of Internal Affairs was in Kono where he ordered his police officers to shoot at unarmed youths for opposing his intention of becoming President Koroma’s running mate in 2012.

The incident which also created panic in the township of Kono infuriated President Koroma and as a result caused him to order the police institute a speedy investigation and bring to book persons found culpable.

Just as the police try to uncover evidences relating to the Kono shooting episode, a new shooting has happened in the township of Bo; offices burnt, persons wounded and the killing of persons reported.

Public’s opinions have that the PPRC must be mandated to watchfully and uncompromisingly forewarn political parties perpetrating violence and ensure that the stubborn ones are disallowed.

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  • Small-minded people say small-minded things. What does “krio”‘ “Themne” got to do with peace & stability in Sierra Leone politics? Recent action initiated by President Koroma to protect All Political Party Offices, no matter how late does not subscribe to your assetion of unpatroitic tribal divide.I respect the ballot box not the bullet. We need to learn to disagree in politics without disagreeing VOLENTLY! It works in civilized societies and Sierra leone should emulute thus.

    13th September 2011
  • Maada just started getting his wishes,he will never nor succeed in becoming president of Sierra Leone again.he overthrow a krio guy but he wont with the temne.he has finally met his match.he better ask Tom Nyuma when he was beaten in BO after he was deported from USA.all SLPP should tell maada to go and ask for forgiveness from capt.VEM Strasser.the evil that men do lives after them.to handcuff your boss and thrown in a helicopter,and snatch his money from his home is a treason and coup.the punishment is DEATH by Hanging.

    12th September 2011
  • How can just a stone inflict multiples wounds in the head of JOB while passingby in a vehicule? I wish not him or the party executive fyle a formal report concerning a plaster healing multiple wounds of a stone that flew right up the sky and then landed right in his head. I think we should think wiseky.

    12th September 2011

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