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Mr. Idiot: Bad Politics + Bad Governance = Gbosh Gbosh

Mr. Idiot: Bad Politics + Bad Governance = Gbosh Gbosh

Mr. Idiot’s attention has been drawn to disturbing happenings observed in the political museums of this country. (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

The Idiot is vexed and has called on colleague Idiots to join him call Sierra Leonean politicians ‘shameless governors.’

And you know what, the Idiot has been told that the ‘gbosh gbosh’ shooting spree recently reported in Kono was all the making of No.2; den say call name nar en get palava ya!

Now, would it interest you that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Musa Tarawallie, was forewarned of his trip to Kono but paid less attention to such?

I am sure Musa Tarawallie still has in message inbox of his mobile phone a text message that was sent to him forewarning him to beware of his trip to Kono.

As for Vice President Sam Sumana, it is a fact that the Idiot knows where he keeps all his political meetings.

Yes, I know you will just laugh when senseless comments of the Idiot are told about you. Hold your breathe Mr. VP. The Idiot has installed video cameras at the outside edges of your offices at Tower Hill and shall sooner rather than later start publishing happenings about you as they unfold.

Less I forget anyway, as an Idiot, a stupid, dimwitted and brainless man, I have had time to gather information on how the order to shoot unarmed youth was given the police by Musa Tarawallie.

Nobody ever told the Idiot that Musa Tarawallie is indeed a desperate man at all. Some few weeks past, he was driving along Liverpool Street which housed the Ministry of Internal Affairs where fortunately he (Mr. Idiot) saw Musa Tarawallie telling his Oyombo government contractor that he is sure of becoming President Koroma’s running mate anytime from now.

It was indeed a surprise to the Idiot. But as stupid as he is, he right away just parked his ‘rotten’ car at the frontage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and quickly climb steps leading to the upstairs apartment to respectfully pay obeisance to the soon to come Vice President.

Ah ah ah, Musa Tarawallie laughs. Here is that stupid Idiot at corridors of the office of the next Vice President, he said.

Musa Tarawallie never knew at all that the Idiot knows all the Yallah and Oyombo contractors in Sierra Leone.

He later beckoned on the Oyombo and tell him to give small money the Idiot.

Well, it was then that I, Mr. Idiot, concluded that Musa Tarawallie expects running appointment from President Koroma.

So, the shooting incident in Kono was virtually not a surprise to the Idiot at all, but rather a confirmation that Musa Tarawallie will do all it takes to make him become the next APC running mate.

It is with regret that the Idiot therefore warns all including Vice President Sam Samuna that the fight for VPship must not be extended to those peaceful and innocent youths of Kono at all.

As for the Idiot, it is nothing new politicians kill for power because they want to own beautiful houses, ride expensive cars, occupy state offices and ‘all but’ remote state’s wealth and functionaries.

They’ve had at their disposal the rights to make or break Sierra Leone, and are the true arbitrators of what society needs do or not do.

I am sure the Idiot shall have to deal with the issue of corruption at a latter date, but for now will restrict himself to the issue of violence which is becoming the order of the day.

I am an Idiot and of course, a proud one too. As you see me, my hands are clean and I have no blood in them. Just keep on calling all kinds of names; stupid Idiot, senseless Idiot, brainless Idiot and of course, a dimwitted Idiot. Trust me; I shall have no bone to pick with anyone calling me any of the names above at all.

But to my faith as an Idiot, if you dare not forewarn those reckless politicians to avoid doing things that alight civil unrest, the Idiot will neither sleep nor slumber but reduce and undress them.

If I hear you cough a word, I will practically not let you go free but surely hunt and gun you down at close range point.

The Idiot is positively and definitively sure that enemies of his will revive their old nasty habits of sending words of threat against him.

I say forkoff to you all. I shall have no time to even listen or read the garbage you would be sending at all.

And for your information anyway, it has been told to the Idiot that that UDM ventriloquist has been shut up by the political party registration commission.

Sheeeeeeee! Keep quiet, will deal with that in my next lecture.

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