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Nigerian genius passes A Levels at 10, off to Eaton

Nigerian genius passes A Levels at 10, off to Eaton

10 year-old Andrew Ejemai the son of a Nigerian, of East London passed 2 A Levels in Maths and Additional Maths, subjects that often terrify other students, is on his way to Eaton, after passing the school’s entrance exam and gaining acceptance.  The Brentwood Elementary School pupil is determined to gain full admission into this reputable institution. But he’s awaiting an award of full scholarship of 31,000 pounds yearly, to help defray the cost of tuition in this school of his choice.  Andrew said: “I’d really like to go there because lots of famous people have been there like David Cameron, Prince William, and Prince Harry.”  Who would not like to be associated with a school where the current Prime Minister of his country attended and even the two Princes, who are potential contenders to the British Monarchy?

Andrew’s future is potentially very bright. For education is the palm oil that lubricates the mind and becomes the stairwell leading to higher height and invariably opens up closed doors. There are so many gifted kids out there in Africa and beyond, craving for opportunities in developing their mind, who should not have to worry about basic needs like food, clothing, shelter or medical necessities.

Reflecting after passing his A Levels in Maths and Additional Maths this year he said: “I was a little bit nervous at the start but as I got through there were things that I knew so I relaxed. I want to be a computer engineer but I also want to run for the country at 200m, my hero is Usain Bolt.

Andrew’s father, Sony, a Revenue & Customs customer service advisor, who immigrated from Nigeria, said:  We’re very proud. Our belief is that every child is a genius and we cannot leave it to the state or the school to bring out this genius in the school.  We as parents have to be involved in the day to day nurturing of our children and personally I believe we can get the best out of them for the good of humanity. We visited the school once or twice and the last time we went the head teacher and his wife gave us a tour around the school and they were very supportive that our son had such aspiration. It is a dream come true for him and us.

Despite the recent bad news that came from the United Kingdom involving rioting and vandalism carried out mostly by the youth, there’s still hope that given the right opportunities and effective parenting our youth could still do well in school and eventually produce good grades.  There’s inadequate opportunities for other kids with an uneven playing field, but this is not a license to act irresponsibly. Students too must be held accountable for their actions especially when public disorder is disrupted and lives and properties are in jeopardy.

This sends a powerful message that good behavior and hard work are always rewarded by society to encourage good students to be most productive and responsible.

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