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Searchlight 6/20/11

Searchlight 6/20/11

Castrate rapists!

The incidence of rape of young girls, sometimes even baby girls, by adult males, has become so rampant that it has become very frightening, and if urgent and stringent measures are not put in place to arrest the situation there is every indication that it will get out of hand to the point that our young girls will no longer be safe to venture outside of their homes and walk around in Freetown and other big towns in the country.

Can you believe that men have the guts to rape baby girls as young as ten months old?  Oh God!

Searching Man who is a renowned philosopher, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, knows that a rapist is a mad man who needs to be helped to protect him from himself, meaning that the man really has no control over his animal urges.

And the man with the most powerful beam who knows everything under the sun knows that the only way to help the rapist is to castrate him.

In this regard, Searcher is calling on child protection agencies and all the people of this country, to prevail on Government to pass a law that any man who is caught raping a woman should be castrated.

The Searching Man believes that if this law is passed it will not only be an effective treatment for rapists but it will also serve as a deterrent to those who may want to get involved in the act.

Cassette Sellers Association (CSA) members are not Police Officers

These few days the man with the beam has been receiving a lot of complaints from sellers of VCD and DVD disks that some members of the Cassette Sellers Association (CSA)  are harassing them, accusing them of selling pirated disks and threatening to seize and destroy their disks.

They also explained that the reason the CSA people give them for such behaviour is because they say Parliament has passed a law outlawing the production, manufacture, storage, promotion and sale of pirated disks.

Well, well, well, well!  Searching Man knows that indeed Parliament has made laws on pirated cassettes, disks and intellectual properties, which means that it is unlawful to copy or record material that is not your own and for which you have no license, patent or copyright, and use it or sell it.

The man with the man with the beam is equally concerned that those who should effect these laws are the law enforcement officers, primarily the Police.

So in the event that folks, including members of the CSA, know of someone who has pirated materials or products in his/her possession, he/she is expected to pass such information to the Police.

This means therefore that ordinary folks including members of the CSA should not take the law into their own hands and grab or ‘arrest’ anyone they find in possession of pirated materials or products. It they grab or ‘arrest’ anybody because he/she is in possession of pirated materials or products they are committing a crime for which they may be sued to Court.

Searcher is a man of peace and he is therefore pleading with the general public, especially members of the CSA to be law abiding.

Thank you sweet folks for abiding to the laws of this country.

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