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The SLPP never lies but says it as it is

The SLPP never lies but says it as it is

Since they assumed office in September 2007, thanks to Christiana Thorpe, Victor Angelo and others, the ruling APC have always endeavored to expose the SLPP to ridicule. One of their first gaffes was a public pronouncement that they found an empty kitty as the out gone government had misused or misappropriated most of the donor funds for development. They completely ignored former President Tejan-Kabbah’s valedictory address to Parliament in which he had stated that there was some 540 billion Leones left in the Bank of Sierra Leone.  (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

The APC government immediately did two things; firstly all ministers were ordered to stay at their posts for a month so as, in their words to facilitate a smooth and orderly transition. Next they set up a Transition team to investigate or take an audit of what resources were available and how the rest had been used or misused. The team presented a 17000 page report after barely six weeks of deliberation. The Justice Warren Report on the assassinations of President John Kennedy had presented a three hundred page report after three years of thorough investigation. His Excellency said at the time that he had handed the  report over to the Anti Corruption Commission ACC whose Christmas would be spent in going through the report. Some six months or so later, the ACC announced that it had not set eyes on the report. In spite of that the APC propagandists went into action; what a considerate President we had who had allowed the former ministers to stay in office for a month even after they had been kicked out by the electorate.

The justice Simega Commission was set up to look into the use or misuse of donor funds, with the former SLPP Education minister Alpha Wurie in mind. He was accused of claiming to have erected a ghost College of Science and Technology at Hill station. Both the African Champion and for-di-people newspapers even alleged that the so-called college building was to be found at 14 Liverpool Street. The Commission was in shock when on visiting the Hill Station site they found massive structures waiting to be officially named.

All through the last four years the government has on every occasion provoked controversy by its oft repeated chorus of inheriting a battered economy. Even the new reconvert to the APC J B Dauda when he was SLPP Minister of Finance had cause to debunk the APC propaganda about inheriting an empty kitty.  I wonder how he felt when his Excellency repeated the propaganda in Kenema.  But then converts to the  APC, old or new appear to have no remorse or conscience on such occasions.  As far as we were concerned that last straw was when his Excellency President Koroma himself made the same gaffe of an empty kitty which sparked off a debate between former SLPP ministry of finance officials and the APC minister for Presidential affairs Alpha Kanu. The latter was quoted by the for-di-people newspaper of boasting that they would bombard us everywhere. While he is contemplating that we would continue to expose his government’s propaganda lies.

In this latest about an empty vault and a battered economy we have been aided by the current APC minister of finance Samura Kamara who had to admit that yes, the SLPP left 543 billion Leones in the APC coffers. He should know because he was the financial secretary at the time.

So what have our boastful friends done with all that money? They’ve continued to lay claims to projects that were either ongoing or were initiated by us, often without any acknowledgement of our role. Amidst claims of what they have accomplished in four years we won’t hesitate in putting a pin through their boastful bubble.

Let me repeat what I wrote recently that since the 2007 elections only we in the SLPP have increased our number in Parliament.

“Nor take okobo trosses for scared kombra”  

My readers are advised to stay tuned for further development.     

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  • I am very impressed with Dr.Sama Banya’s analysis of the state coffers that was handover to the APC regime in 2007;thank God the current minister of finance has attested to the facts.
    But my simple question to Dr.Banya is to point me one tangible evidence of what he has done for Kailahun town-not the district since his political lifetime?
    Everyday we talk about corruption;who is corrupt-free in the history of Sierra Leone politics?
    I feel very saddened to know that the entire country-Sierra Leone that we have only about 50 medical doctors and yet still we have capable brains like Dr.Banya who can lend hands to the nation in continuing to practice not in the North,South or West but just in the Kailahun township where he is part and parcel of the ruling house-BANYA HOUSE.
    When are we going to get serious about the million problems we have and start thinking in a progressive manner?

    30th November 2011
  • Not worth commenting . Because it is just repetitive stuffs . We are bored of hearing or comment about your intentions bla bla bla…. in your eleven years rule. You are still on the minority . The seat you got in parliament belong to you south easterner’s so what the fuss. Your people only knows what you tell them . So even when good things are done for them by other’s they will not appreciate them. So what the heck …….

    29th June 2011

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