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A slap on Minister Ogunlade’s face

A slap on Minister Ogunlade’s face

In economics, the law of diminishing returns state that as “more and more variable factors of production such as capital and labour are combined with the fixed factor of production such as land, production increases up to a certain point when decreases in total output will start as a result of continuous addition of application of variable factors while fixed factor remains constant.”  (Photo: Professor Ogunlade Davidson, Minister of Energy and Water Resource)

Over to the economists. You can fool people most of the time, but not all of the time.

In one of my editions as managing Editor of the Global Sovereignty Newspaper dated 27th August 2010, I was very optimistic about the operations of Bumbuna Hydro supply to the city of Freetown.

I even went further to condemn those who argue that Bumbuna Hydro exists in structure, but not in the supply of electricity.

You will agree with me that when the controversy arose between the ruling APC and opposition SLPP in the well of Parliament, some members of the public almost concluded that the Bumbuna Hydro was a reality not any figment of imagination at all.

Barely 10 months now, have management of the National Power Authority (NPA) and Bumbuna Hydro not began drawing daggers at each other?

The NPA alleges that Bumbuna is a white elephant that is not making any input towards power supply in the city.

Mr. Zibairu Kaloko stated in no uncertain terms that NPA cannot afford to pay six billion Leones (Le 6 billion) to management of Bumbuna for none service rendered.

That is to say that it will be a waste of tax payer’s resources on something that is non-functional.

In response to Mr. Zubairu’s claim, Dr. Jalloh, an electrical engineer, dismissed assertion of the former as fake and untrue.

What is waging though, is that NPA and Bumbuna are two sister components under the ministry of energy and water that should speak with a common voice.

But when personalities of the same institution begin to inform the public with dissenting expressions, bashing at each other from time to time, there is room for doubt and misunderstanding.

May I ask the following questions and hopefully expect the appropriate answers either press release/s or through the electronic media.

First, is Bumbuna Hydro really operational? If it is, then the two experts Mr. Kaloko an economist, and Dr. Jalloh an engineer, should put right their indifferences and be able to patch the way forward.

If NPA and Bumbuna Hydro managements and the ministry fail to properly and adequately educate public about the existence and functions of Bumbuna Hydro, visa a visa National Power Authority, then I have reasons to make the following conclusions.

In the first place, I strongly object and regret to state that what has happened between the two characters in the same ministry is unethical and unprofessional.

Secondly, it would appear that the issue of Bumbuna Hydro has been under the carpet for far too long at the expense of the tax payers.

That is to say, Bumbuna was not and still does not function after the pronouncement of His Excellency the President about its completion.

This is no longer the question of political gimmicks; be you APC, SLPP or PMDC we are all tax payers and we have the right to know.

If Bumbuna Hydro is suffering from the law of diminishing return, Sierra Leoneans cannot be fooled all of the time; speak the truth and let the devil be ashamed.

By Felix Fofoh

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