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Borbor Sawyer, a political loyalist?

Borbor Sawyer, a political loyalist?

Borbor Sawyer was elected in 2007 to represent his people to parliament under difficult circumstances.  He had no money, but since there was dire need for Constituency 04 to have someone as son of the soil, the electorates of Kissi Tongi, in one voice, voted him as their only and reliable Parliamentary representative.

After his victory, Borbor Sawyer was sworn in as a Member of Parliament.

After his victory, he never reached Kissi Tongi to appreciate his people.

Almost three half years as Parliamentary representative of Constituency 04, Borbor Sawyer did not render any help to residents of his constituency on issues such as scholarship, developmental projects etc.

From 2007 to 2011, Hon. Borbor Sawyer only surfaced in Constituency 04 during the recently concluded bye-election.

Borbor Sawyer’s nomination by His Excellency the President was seen as hastily done.

He failed to go for consultations with those who sent him to Parliament (the SLPP) and automatically invalidated his political calling in that community.

The alarming trend of social demands by the people of that constituency and the hope and trust bestowed upon him would have made him a political icon worthy of following.

With the ever so increasing desire of the people for infrastructurem e.g., feeder roads, agriculture and other related developmental programs, Borbor Sawyer, in his wisdom should have turned down the appointment and continue to serve his people perhaps for the second term and retire with a reasonable pension.

His ignorance of not serving as a Parliamentarian till the end of his five year term, has left his people without option, but tagged him as a ‘deceitful person’ that cannot be relied upon.

Kissi Bendu comprises of towns such as Kissi Kama, Kissi Teng and Kissi Tongi.

It is homogeneous and shares border with neighbouring Liberia in Foya Kama.

Borbor Sawyer was at neighbouring Liberia in Foya Kama to garner support from the Kissis, promising them a handsome reward if they surrendered votes for the APC.

It is common knowledge that the Kissis in Liberia would easily come over to that part of the country and register for subsequent voting be it Parliamentary, Local, or Presidential.

For the bye-election, it was alleged that 1,500 voter IDs were in the custody of Borbor Sawyer to enhance winning for his APC candidate Rtd. Col. Fallah Sewa.

The information about 1,500 cards came out at a meeting held at a police station in Buedu Town.

The three political parties, SLPP, PMDC and NDA made appeals to NEC, PPRC and the UN respectfully asking them treat the allegation of 1,500 voters ID with utmost seriousness.

Having realized that there was no incumbency advantage in Constituency 04, Borbor Sawyer was left without an alternative, but to cross over to Foya Kama to convince young men and women submit votes to his favour.

This was truly an exercise of cross border campaign by a government Minister.

He organized a small number of thugs in his entourage across Foya Kama.

His movement was later discovered and a complaint was lodged at the police station. One of Borbor Sawyer’s thugs had seriously manhandled supporters of opponent political parties. That incident virtually killed the spirit of those he went to ask support from in Foya Kama.

Also, the robust presence of 250 OSD personnel in Tongi Tingi was seen as the making of Borbor Sawyer, whose influence as former police officer speaks bundles.

Such was intended to scare potential voters on the day of the elections.

By Felix D. Fofoh

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