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Only God has the answers

Only God has the answers

It would be very easy for me to boast that just as I had predicted an increase in the pump price of fuel and the quantum of that increase, so it has happened. But that would be wrong because almost everyone was aware that the increase would take place. What people will not contend with and which is a chronic weakness of this regime is the habit of them taking us for a ride. When I B, the Information Minister by courtesy of Artel informed subscribers to the particular network that there was abundant fuel in the country he must have been aware that he was not been wholly truthful. If in fact he was correct and that there was abundant fuel prior to his pronouncement, why were there long queues at filling stations up to Monday evening long after the announcement of the price increase? (Photo: Dr Sama Banya)

Secondly this government believes in platitudes; we are all aware of the increase in the world price of fuel, but other African governments have cushioned the effect on their people by denying themselves the amount they collect for each gallon, pardon for each litre of fuel sold. Why would the government if it really cared give up a third of the three thousand gallon tax it collects on each gallon of fuel? And that has nothing to do with the removal of subsidies. Government has many ways of raising revenue other than that which has a snowball effect on every aspect of our existence. All the talked deceit.


I was up in Kailahun last Friday when my friend and editor Sorie Fofana informed of the passing away in London of the erstwhile Minister of State in the Ministry of Health. Once again all I could say to Sorie was that “God moves in a mysterious way, His wonder to perform.” So it is with late Mohamed with whom I had developed a cordial relationship even after those character assassination articles that he and others delighted in writing about me. One such I have to repeat was that I had been taken in a wheel chair aboard a London bound airline and been admitted straight into the intensive unit of a London hospital. As I continued to tease him, it was at a time when I was enjoying perfect health. The other occasion was when he wrote that I was suffering from “PROSTATE CANCER OF THE PENIS.” Again my PSA was, as it has remained. 0.01 when the normal value is below 0.4.

But I have learned NEVER to gloat over another persons illness, let alone THEIR DEATH. Death is the only certainty in this world, the mystery being that no one is ever sure when it strikes. And so from the bottom of my heart I express deep-felt condolences to his family and friends. I had promised that I would attend the funeral of another antagonist but respected friend, Olu Gordon; unfortunately I was out of town when the funeral took place. MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PERFECT PEACE AND MAY PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE ON THEM.

Kanji Daramy was Director_General of Salpost, having been nominated for the post by former President Ahmad Tejan-Kabbah. Kanji left that appointment with a thick cloud hanging over his head. He had done nothing criminal; on the other hand his behaviour fell far short of someone holding such an exalted position. Next he found himself as spokesman for President Tejan-Kabbah until NATCOM was created and he found his way there. Members of the APC Parliamentary select committee staged a walk out at his hearing. Kanji combined the post of Director-General with that of Board Chairman, a position to which he was not entitled. When the new APC government took over, he hung on in the vain hope that he would be reappointed. In the end he had to be literarily chased out of the office. Now it would appear that that Kanji Daramy is desperate for a job under the APC for whatever reason only he can fathom.

Kanji has been writing some strange opinions and is currently and I may add, shamelessly drawing swords with Professor Kelfala Kallon. If I may offer unsolicited advice to my former colleague, it is that he should really shut up! As for the politician Mohamed Bangura, the least said about his meanderings, the better. He should be his own best adviser, but from the controversy which so often surrounds him, it must be a vain wish on my part.

I have concluded reading Dr. Solomon (Jollie Boy) Pratt’s autobiography. It is nice and readable but as a review has said, it is a pity that except for two, (including your humble self) most of those mentioned in the narrative are dead. However I would like to set the record straight on another incident that Solo mentions in his autobiography. He writes that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth conferred the Knighthood of Grand Commander of St. Michael and St. George GCMG on President Shiaka Stevens in the drawing room of Buckingham Palace and that there were statements from both her Majesty and from our President. What I witnessed was totally different from my friend’s description.

Her Majesty gave a private lunch at the Palace for our President. Only our High Commissioner then, Victor Sumner, the Foreign Minister Dr. Abdulai Conteh and I were present, in addition to some members of the Royal family. I sat next to the late Princess Margaret while Abdulai Conteh sat on the left side of the Queen. After lunch Her Majesty and the President retired to an adjacent room. Abdulai and I were invited in there after about ten minutes. On display were the Insignia of the Order of St. Michael and St. John. The president said to us, “Gentlemen, it has pleased Her Majesty to confer this Knighthood on me.”  Both Abdulai and I expressed delight and appreciation to Her Majesty.

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