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The Significance

The Significance

What a great blessing it is for mother Sierra Leone! Her motto of “Unity, Freedom, and Justice” characterizes the typical Sierra Leonean way of life.  This is clearly seen in the peace building efforts our nation is going through. As our 50th independence anniversary approaches, let us consider ourselves lucky to witness such an opportunity of a golden jubilee.  Like all birthdays this is our birthday as Sierra Leoneans, I hope then if we are to make any resolutions or wishes, let those pronouncements  reflect good thoughts for the country and for the betterment of all Sierra Leoneans so that we all can live in harmony, peace, love and unity.

I want to share my happiness and to congratulate and wish all fellow Sierra Leoneans wellness of both physical and mental health and a good spirit of rejoicing.  As we celebrate let us think and pray for our land and our ancestors, who fought very hard for the freedom we are now enjoying, may eternal life shine upon them.  Let their guiding spirit of bravery be with us and let the wisdom of the Lord help us to move with progress, development, and everlasting peace so that generations yet unborn will find a land of joy and success.  Let us pray for our leaders, our President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma whose leadership has made it possible for this historic moment. We should also pray for our able ministers, chiefs and all those in positions of authority to be diligent and God fearing in discharging their duties.

I am optimistic that with the present trend of leadership of good democratic governance executed by our inspired leader Dr Koroma and his able staff will set the perfect template to follow for leaders that will come in the future.  Let there be a legacy to follow that will be continuous progress of development for mother Sierra Leone and pray also for all Sierra Leoneans both far and near to show love and respect for the country. Let us turn a new page and continue with faith and honesty to build a nation of pride that is admired all around the world.

With current world events, Sierra Leone is forging ahead with courage and faith, let us show understanding to the challenges the globe is undergoing and let us all put our hands on deck to build our nation.  I am very much impressed with Diaspora because never have I seen diasporas wired up and yearning to return and contribute to nation building. I guess this would not have been possible if there were no signs of peace, stability, security and progress.  I am sure with peace and stability everything is possible.  I feel very impressed to read about the SLPP denouncing violence among party stalwarts.  In this regard, I am appealing to all Sierra Leoneans to desist from violence not only during election times but at all times.  Let us answer to the call of President Koroma’s agenda for change. I hope all political parties in Sierra Leone will heed to the fact that Sierra Leone is still healing from the wounds of a senseless war created by foolishness and hatred. Let us learn from what is going around the world that barbarism leads to nothing but doom. The era of barbarism is gone in Sierra Leone. I am asking all Sierra Leoneans in the spirit of nationalism to be watchful and not be misled anymore. By now we know the politicians that have the instinct of pugnacity and barbaric incitement you name it.

The world is watching and so far through the good statesmanship of our dear president and government, the peace building efforts in Sierra Leone are progressing well. Sierra Leoneans should be able to identify and refuse politicians who in the past have put our country into a mess and should not be allowed to come to the play ground of the political arena.  Let not the present peace and progressive efforts of the government of good democratic governance and respect for human rights be derailed by a few selfish and unpatriotic politicians and individuals, instead we should unite and build our nation. Looking at our population we are just a population of six million, I am sure with peace, unity, and patriotism we could be the richest nation per capita with our human potential and wealth God has given to the people of Sierra Leone. Let me end up by throwing the ball to our respectful journalists to help in the rebranding of Sierra Leone positively. Happy anniversary~!

By Dr. Augustine A. Kamara, Virginia, USA

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