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Who they say are diaspora people?

Who they say are diaspora people?

Permit me say it all on the issue of what is seemingly misunderstood by those who claimed to be Diaspora giants.  (Photo: M S Bangura, author)

The Diaspora, as a district, or as a fifth (5th) province in the politics of Sierra Leone, is broad and complex and must be handled in a manner well thought-out.

In the Sierra Leonean setting, it is glaring and ear splitting that the word ‘Diaspora’ is taken to mean ‘out of home,’ but has now been limited to UK and American Sierra Leonean residents – this is not so at all.

It must be noted that Diaspora has categories and could be named as ‘blocks.’

The first block is the very African countries, so to say Guinea, Gambia, Liberia and the far Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and the others.

By the above, it is apparent that there are a number of Sierra Leoneans belonging to the Diaspora district, but have been shunned owing to the dominant and uncalled for commandeering of the district by those who say they are residents of UK and America.

Of course, Africa is considered the first zone in the interpretation of ‘Diaspora.’

Yes, we should consider super zone ‘USA’ as block II. It is so because it has been contributing greatly in the enhancement and development of the Diaspora district. Be it known that American Diaspora membership projects the concerns of government on issues of development.

Then Britain, who claim to be the superior of all Diaspora countries, seemed juxtaposed America.

Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland all have membership in the Sierra Leone Diaspora district, but have been woefully neglected because of government’s head fixed concentrations on the UK and America respectively.

Countries in Asia and in the East: Japan, China, Russia, The Arab Golf, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and others do have a stake to the development of Sierra Leone and must be considered.

It is the wish of Sierra Leoneans living in countries in Europe and Asia to see government consult with them in the enhancement of a formidable and result making Diaspora district.

Come what may, UK and America must not be seen as the all and all. Other countries such as West Germany, Belgium and Holland all have something better to give.

To be continued.

M S Bangura, Germany

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