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Insults do not address issues – JOB was right

Insults do not address issues – JOB was right

My several newspaper critics, who are mostly supporters of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party, have a common trait which is to respond to my opinions with insults and name-calling rather than a logical response to those views. It suggests inadequacy as the perpetrators always hide behind a shield of insulting language.

The latest of these is Samuel Serry Jr., writing again in the New Citizen newspaper. Readers of that paper will recall that sometime in 2008 the editor of the paper ran a whole series in which he threw everything at me. He must have been disappointed that I refused to take his bait which would have been detraction for me. Similarly I shall refuse to go into a battle of insults with a young man who confesses to be the equivalent of my grandson.  In his recent response to my comments on his “Sama Banya’s flip-fluffs” which appeared in a previous edition of his newspaper he refers to me as …  “armed with the propensity to threaten our peaceful co-existence by defending issues inimical to our national reconciliation…”  (highlight by me ) the young man then recommends that I consult our one and only Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Nahim as I “am in mental limbo. The man don deaf!”

Of course my hearing has diminished considerably but that not withstanding do I have to listen to every radio station all the time? Isn’t it enough that I listen regularly to the BBC news and comments, to UN radio, SLBS news as well as follow the news on TV? But the fact of the matter is that the policies of the government have been divisive from their first day in office. We have continued to refer to the almost one sided composition of the Cabinet. Quite recently the government has also embarked on a policy of removing southerners and easterners from the top jobs of professional heads of department, sending them on leave and immediately replacing them with northerners. I will certainly substantiate this assertion with facts, but today I shall concentrate on the heads of parastatals and invite our learned friend Samuel Serry to challenge them and thus demonstrate to the world my propensity to threaten our peaceful coexistence by defending issues that are inimical to our reconciliation.

Sierra Leone Commercial Bank                    Sheikie Bangura         north
Rokel Commercial Bank                               Birch Conteh              north
National Telecom Commission                     Siray Timbo               north
Sierra Leone Ports Authority                         Sorie Dumbuya           north
Sierra Leone Roads Authority                       Ahmad Dumbuya        north
Sierra Leone Airports Authority                     Katta Kamara             north
National Commission for Privatisation          Abu Bangura              north
Sierra Leone Telecommunications               Tom Kargbo                north
National Assets Commission                       Alhaj. Unisa Sesey (Awoko)  north
National Insurance Trust NASSIT                Jacob Kanu                north
National Insurance Company NIC               SB Williams (a Kabia) north

Lotto is headed by chief Mbriwah while a Mr. Foryoh heads Mining and General Services, both coming from Kono in the east.  Maude Peacock heads National Power Authority while Nana Pratt heads the Guma Valley Water Company; both come from the western area. This leaves the Road Transport Corporation, the Road Transport Authority, the Housing Corporation the Tourist Board and the defunct Sierra Leone Airlines.  Where are the southerners who helped the APC in the run-off?

My friend Hon. Alpha Kanu whom I have always regarded as cool headed nearly went into a tantrum the other day when John Benjamin described the present Cabinet composition as a threat to peace and security, to say nothing about living in harmony and coexistence to which Samuel Serry refers.  I invite the young man to compare the Cabinet and the appointment of Chairmen of parastatals to those of the previous SLPP government and tell his readers where he perceived his harmony and coexistence.        

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