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Salone Acquires US$722 M debt in 3 Years

Salone Acquires US$722 M debt in 3 Years

Real time disclosures say Sierra Leone is indebted into USD 722 million.

Sources say the debt was obtained by the ruling APC and was allegedly directed on infrastructural development.

It is yet not told how a debt of USD 722 million was acquired and for what purpose.

Despite the fact that monies received under loan are allegedly directed to road constructions, Sierra Leoneans still questioned how such an amount was utilized.

Skeptics say Sierra Leone is plunging into despairs of hardship, now and in the years to come.

It must be recalled that the rate of foreign exchange sky rockets every hour and day.

It is revealed that the sum of five hundred or more billion inherited by the APC no longer exist in accounts of government.

Although persons charged with the responsibility of overseeing the economy of this country denies receiving loans of USD 722 in three years, it is disclosed that Sierra Leone continues to suffer escalation in the foreign exchange market owing to its falling economic status.

Markets commodities- food stuffs, goes high every day.

Homes of the poor are reportedly in starvation due to the unchecked hike of prices of food items at the local markets.

Just recently (last week), the price of a bag of rice (fen fen rice) was at Le 180-190.

Findings say Sierra Leone as at 2007, was wiped of its debt of USD 2.7 billion.

As at periods September 2007 up until early 2008, Sierra Leone had no debt and was virtually a nation at rest.

Findings say the APC inherited Le 500 or more billion in coffers of government, but used same on supposed infrastructural drives.

It must be noted that in the recent times, top public officials have had their names in list of persons indicted for corruption.

Very recently, the head of attitudinal and behavioral change, Philip Conteh, his coordinator, Allieu Kamara, and Zanto Kamara have had themselves dragged to the high court to respond to 17 counts corruption allegations.

Few days after, Philip Lukulay, then director at the Maritime, was clamped and slammed 197 count charges by the Anti Corruption Commission.

It is a fact that officials assigned to respective public offices overindulged into corrupt practices.

Public’s comments questioned government’s miraculous acquisition of a debt of USD 722 in three years of governance.

It is now seen as a widespread observable fact that most of whom are in top positions mess about with monies meant for public use.

Facts revealing the emptiness of monies in Sierra Leone government account, and the acquirement of a debt of USD 722 million, is viewed as a ploy to harvest the economy of this nation unscrupulously.

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  • You are always a fool setting false Govt. financial figures to create hatred on peoples mind about the APC Govt. You will gain nothing (Brov), that I can assure you. This Government is prepared to deliver more than before. ‘APC nor dae lie. APC mean business’ whether you like it or not. You know what, I want you to live longer rather than having a heart attack in the near future about this one and only APC rule. Take it easy, What God has blessed/crowned no one can dispute. Just pray for God’s continued blessings for our God fearing President who is here to save the awful living we Sierra leoneans have endured in the past years.

    8th February 2011

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