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Remembering Attorney Sadu Bah – A True Patriot

Remembering Attorney Sadu Bah – A True Patriot

“Ina Lilaaha Waina Ilaaihi Raagiooun” is a Quranic verse meaning “We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”  This is was the verse the late Lawyer Sadu Bah quoted from the Holy Quran when I announced to him the demise of  an intimate friend, Lansana Kamara, alias ‘Cameroun’ about a few months ago.  (Photo: From left A. Jalloh far right- Late Lawyer Saadu at the deceaseds Laurel residence in Maryland discussing national issues)

“Death is inevitable. As human beings, we should be prepared for death at all times. The most important thing is, whatever you do in life, do not forget about your Creator,”  these were the exact words of consolation  by the  late Attorney Bah who had called to check on me  when I told him that I just lost my friend, Cameroun, a popular radio producer and presenter in the eastern district of Kono.  I think that was the last time we spoke. It was shortly before this year’s Muslim pilgrimage, (Hajj).

“Jalloh, I know you will be busy in the next five weeks. I just call to check on you. Hope to talk to you after the Hajj, if God willing,” were the last words of Mr. Bah to me on the phone.

“No problem, Mr. Bah I will call you after the Hajj, if God willing,” I replied before I hung up the phone.

I tried to reach him a few days ago to fulfill my promise, but nobody picked up the telephone.  I left a message and it was very unusual, he didn’t return my call.  I assumed that it was a busy period for him ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays and that may have been the reason for not returning my call.

I decided to call back after, or on New Year’s Day to wish him and his family a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I called both his cell phone and residence on New Year’s Day, but no answer again.

Few minutes later, I called a friend in Maryland to enquire about the popular Maryland based Sierra Leonean Lawyer, who said to me that Mr. Bah had been in the sick bed for about three weeks.  One hour later, the same friend called me and announced  Mr. Bah’s death.

“Ina Lilaaha Waina Ilaaihi Raagiooun”, I said repeatedly on the phone and added, “Allahu Akbar” meaning “God is Great”.

Like many others who heard the news of Mr. Bah’s  death, I was devastated and saddened. Sierra Leone has indeed lost a patriot, community leader and statesman. The last time I saw Lawyer Bah was during a wedding in Maryland about two years ago. On my arrival at the occasion, he introduced me to the August body.

“I think most of you here may have read Mr. Jalloh’s articles and interviews in our online newspapers. He’s a Journalist who has been conducting one-on-one interviews with most of our former SLPP and current APC Ministers. And he’s the newly appointed Information Attaché to our embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” he told his audience.

After the ceremony, we drove to his Laurel residence and he introduced me and my friends to his family. He took us to the basement of his residence where he built a special prayer area that accommodates over 60 people. We sat there for few minutes and he said to us that: “Gentlemen, it’s time for the Maghreb prayers.” Few minutes later, two of his kids joined us to perform the prayers.

He later took us to his office on the other floor of his residence where he showed us Certificates  and Achievements  Awards given to him by the APC, SLPP and other US based Sierra Leonean organizations, to name but a few, over the past thirty years.

During our conversation in his office, he reiterated that:  “Most of us belonged to different political parties in Sierra Leone, but that should never stop us as Sierra Leoneans from working together towards the development of our country.”

The soft-spoken Attorney Bah added that:  “Although I am an SLPP, I think we should support the APC Government in its developmental strides in the country. The country belongs to all of us. If Sierra Leone forges ahead, it is in the interest of all Sierra Leoneans and not a particular political party.”

Mr. Bah , who was a leading official of the Sierra Leone Business Association ( SLABA ) , the National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America ( NOSLINA ), the Fullah Progressive Union ( FPU ) and the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) was a distinguished Lawyer and a  humble public servant.  He was a devoted family man of exemplary character, gentle, modest, brilliant and deeply committed to issues of national development. He was transparent in his dealings and always urging Sierra Leoneans to be honest, disciplined, law abiding and respectful.  We will surely, continue to miss him. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Alhaji M.B. Jalloh, Information Attaché.Sierra Leone Embassy, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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