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Mr. President why are we hearing you want to run sierra Leone like Zimbabwe?

Mr. President why are we hearing you want to run sierra Leone like Zimbabwe?

We are getting disturbing reports that the A.P.C government is using police and thugs to harass and beat up journalists simply because  they are practicing their profession or exposing some of the dirty games government plays.  I think the A.P.C  government is failing to realize that they have kept a remarkable reputation  in the past 3 years  regarding the way they have been treating journalists,  we are seriously concerned  about these developing  stories, and  I believe  this is the down fall of President Koroma’s government.  (Photo:  Ibrahim Worneh, author)

As far as we know  journalists are  the voice of the voiceless, they expose crooked government  officials, they tell the public how government conducts day to day business — we have seen propaganda  newspapers that are bent on promoting positive perception about the A.P.C government.  This shows how unpatriotic  and hopeless some of these editors are, they are pro governement newspapers that  publish  positive  reports and lies about things that government   have never done.  I believe these praise singers are well paid for singing good song about  President Koroma’s  government.  Imprisonment and a barrel of gun is behind those  who are exposing government corrupt practices and negligence, these set of journalists  are considered enemies  of the state.

Mr.  President your government is at a verge of collapse as long as it is cracking down on   journalists.  The 2012 election won’t favor you.  Some of your ministers that you promoted don’t deserve to be promoted  much would have expected of you to axe the underperforming ones.

I personally believe that democracy will never prevail where there is no freedom of speech, where people are being arrested and beated because of (careless talk); those were some of your predecessors tactics to hold onto power and oppress the opposition.  Not this time Mr. President, if you think you have failed the people of Sierra Leone  and the best way of clinching  2012 election is by sending your so called Minister of Agriculture to intimidate  and beat-up journalists then I believe you are on the wrong block  because I believe most of the beatings and harassment that are taking place  are instructions from you.

Last week I  heard that some of the  youth have gone on the rampage  some of them where holding knives and some where even  robbing people.  This means  that you have failed them, you promised to bring the much needed jobs to the youth of Sierra Leone. All have turned out to be just promises  and we want you to know that the youth are the ones that voted you in power, they deserve some  serious attention, they should have been top of your development agenda  by creating the much needed  skills for those who are unskilled and creating jobs for skilled ones.  All that has gone. Doom and gloom – they have lost hope in your government and that is why the took on the street.

Ibrahim J Worneh, South Africa

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  • you are very disgusting in your write up. Did you cross check the issue between the minister of Agriculture and the radio operators at FM kiss 104 in Bo? I believe if you had investigated you will come to a clear conclusion that what those stupid radio operators deed was not call for.
    Not withstanding the above, those youths arrested with weapons were school going children who were on sporting activities and some of them used these weapons against their opponents.
    Mr. editor you can’t compare the way journalist were treated by your political party, the SLPP to that of the government of EBK in terms of press freedom. I want you to give the names of journalist under the government of EBK that have so far been arrested or imprisoned?
    It is better we judge things correctly. In as much as some of us are concerned, EBK has done more better than your political party the misruled our nation for over a decade. Tell me what really did your religion party do for Sierra Leone throughout their stay in power for eleven years. Some of you are very myopic in thinking.

    24th August 2011

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