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APC reshuffle… Government of Inclusion!

APC reshuffle… Government of Inclusion!

Nightmares overcame lips of politicians when it was noticed that President Koroma included strong SLPP members into his new cabinet.

Reflection must be drawn to objections of the current SLPP Chairman, John Oponjo Benjamin, who times uncountable, contrasts President Koroma’s government of not having the semblance of a government of national unity.

Some months ago, the SLPP was observed denouncing APC as ‘negligently ignoring the doctoring of regional distributions of public positions.’

Though argued, elites and reasonable persons of society followed SLPP’s timely opposition and called on the Presidency to make amends.

It was all a shock to see SLPP turned round into objecting APC’s appointment of two of its members as Minister and Deputy Minister.

It must be noted however that some members of the SLPP have been criticizing the APC for not sharing power on the basis of regional considerations.

But again, it begs the question: ‘Had President Koroma called on the attention of bigwigs of the SLPP before nominating it members to hold public positions?’

It is books of this country that JB Dauda has longed been tagged as  a ‘political prostitute.’

Some years past, he was one of APC’s dependable politicians, but switched over shortly after SLPP took charge of governance.

He was Finance Minister in the government of SLPP and later contested for party leadership, but loses woefully.

Since then, the name JB Dauda never made prominence in lips of politicians and electorates of Sierra Leone.

Until JB Dauda’s inclusion in list of persons nominated for Ministerial positions, he was neither talked about nor considered by Sierra Leoneans at all.

As for Hon. Borbor Sawyer, it was longed suspected that he wants to defect to the ruling APC.

Some months ago, Borbor Sawyer was subjected to serious denunciation by party members of the SLPP.

He was accused of seeking the interest of the APC than of his party SLPP.

In essence, it is of reasons that members of the SLPP are in better position to suspend all two persons already nominated for Ministerial positions in the SLPP.

It has reached this press that the appointments of SLPP JB Dauda and Hon. Borbor Sawyer had signaled APC’s one million strategies of taking over strongholds of the opposition SLPP in Kailahun.

On the other hand, it has been looked at as President Koroma’s hopeful intentions of seeing politicians come ‘together as one’ in the interest of national development.

At Sierra Express, it is, but no doubt that the inclusion of two SLPP members into the cabinet of President Koroma, has very big conflicting analysis.

It could either be for the sake of regional balance of government or APC’s intentions of infiltrating strongholds of SLPP in Kailahun.

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