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This week past

This week past

It was an interesting week for me because in a single day, among the newspapers that I generally read, there were three missiles directed at Puawui. The for-di-people was reacting on behalf of the APC for an opinion I had expressed the previous day that I was not impressed by the expression “New APC” which had become the slogan of the party. Paul Kamara criticizes me because I did belong to the APC before and therefore had no right to criticize the system. He did not stop at that but alleged, as is usual with all of them that I used my ministerial positions in the party to enrich myself. (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

The allegation of amassing wealth in politics never ceases to amuse me. Let me repeat here that even when not asked to do so at the time I declared my assets when former ministers under Joseph Saidu Momoh were asked to do so. I did so not because I served under President Momoh, which I did only in the minds of editors like for-di-people and the African Champion. Those people always forgot that along with Abdulai Conteh I was thrown out of the APC government even before Momoh assumed the Presidency and he never reappointed me up to the time of my resignation from the party when it was still in power. I made the declaration because I felt that the NPRC government should have included ministers who had also served under President Siaka Stevens.

Even as of now I am willing to declare my assets whenever I am called to do so in order to clear the myth that everyone who jumps in a river turns fish. Should our refusal to endorse Musa Kabia’s constitutional amendment which made General Momoh eligible for the Presidency not have been applauded for standing for a principle?  But  then whenever it applies to Sama Banya the standards are different.

My friend Dr. Abdul Karim Koroma erstwhile Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China has been the longest serving APC minister of Foreign Affairs in the country. The most scathing condemnation of the APC regime has come from Abdul Karim Koroma in his book “The Rape of a Nation.” Which newspaper or APC operative has ever raised a finger at AKK for that, and yet the same hypocrites spend so much time accusing Sama Banya of betrayal. I am sure even Olu Gordon’s wonder dog fifi would be amused by that, but such is the profession described as journalism which boasts of championing the people’s right to know the truth. HUH!

I was very pleasantly surprised to learn from a very reliable source that the honourable minister of finance has agreed to revisit the meager allocation made to the Political Parties” Registration Commission. That is statesmanship and both minister and the House finance or Appropriations committee must be commended for this.

Puawui had a long time ago come to the conclusion that the honourable Tamba Bobor-Sawyer representing constituency 4 in Parliament is PARANOID. From this moment henceforth the honourable Member will not be mentioned in the Puawui column, no matter how much his patronizing editor may wish to boost his moral. Incidentally every time I see that photograph of me in the standard times newspaper which was first published when the editor announced that I had seduced my own sister and had a child with her, I keep wondering when and where it was taken. I don’t have bowed legs even in my moment of relaxation. Could it be one of the many ways in which Philip Neville plays with photographs and documents? It would not surprise me a bit because the photograph which must have been taken a long time ago presents me as a much older debilitating character than even I see myself today.

The African champion in yet another of its senseless headlines declared that the SLPP doesn’t know how to practice politics. But the SLPP won two consecutive elections and would have won a third one IF ONLY…….

Dear faithful readers, Puawui will be away in the Gola Forest area throughout this week and regrets that there will be NO PUAWUI over the period. All those with missiles are advised to keep them until I return to base and be in position to deflect their attacks.

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