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Anti Corruption – Free or Not Free?

Anti Corruption – Free or Not Free?

Africa, unlike other continents in the world, stands tall on corruption.

Yes, it is because persons assigned to public responsibilities inhumanly translate state funds into private hold.

This, to helpers in western countries (donor supporting entities), was the igniting and compellable dawn of the importation of an Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) that will checkmate conducts of persons in public office.

Sierra Leone’s ACC seemingly has shown to the world that it is vigilant and wakeful on issues of extreme corruption keep an eye on.

It is in Sierra Leone that state authorities are frog matched into wells of high courts to answer to allegations of corruption overdo.

Citations bordering on ACC’s uncompromising stance could be authoritatively drawn from the number of ministers, directors, permanent secretaries, soldiers, police officers and business people investigated, prosecuted and convicted for corruption.

In just three years of APC governance, the ACC has had hundreds of millions paid as fines by persons convicted for corruption ham it up.

Of course, it is but obvious that public officials have been used to ‘ham it up’ on state funds, build mansions, send their children to entities of best learning abroad and make jolly trips at big hotels with girl friends (kolonkos).

And don’t you even hesitate to rightfully make citation of corruption excesses of the likes of late Siaka Stevens, Joseph Saidu Momoh and hosts of ministers that served in respective cabinets.

Just recently, another ‘big fish’ was netted and arraigned before Justice Samuel Ade-Musun on 57 count charges of corruption.

While I hastily pronounce his name, I am but mindful in explaining his involvement – my people, no other person but a man whose self acclamation reads as ‘Sierra Leone’s only tax expert,’ Mr. Allieu Sesay.

To this, has society slipped back and now questions recent revelations by no less an informative organ, but Sierra Express Media, which authoritatively accused officials of the ACC of over plus overindulging in corruption back break.

Linkable affirmations buttressing this medium’s disclosures of ACC’s ripe corruption scam was made whole when a letter was posted to the Editor of this press notifying him of the ACC’s already instituted investigation of suspected corruption involvement of its officials- revolution consumpting its own children.

The Le 80 million top up scam must be investigated and persons found culpable made to face corruption indictment as has always been the case.

What about allegations that ACC officials has been making escalated claims on the purchase of spares for vehicle parts; that also was revealed but awaits action by the ACC.

To this I rest my question: ‘ACC-free or not free of corruption’?

Opinion leaders, civil society organizations and ordinary men in the street must be guided by what the ACC does and doesn’t do.

Almost everybody now knows what the ACC is and able to do.

To the writer, until accused corruption at the ACC is investigated, proved or disproved, there is no guarantee that it is free of corruption!

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