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Gullah Kinship Assoc versus Zainab Bangura

Gullah Kinship Assoc versus Zainab Bangura

The cold war for supremacy between the Gullah Kinship Association and the minister of foreign affairs, Haja Zainab Bangura is far from over. Attempts by the national executive of the Gullah Kinship Association to see the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to explain their development agenda for the nation using the ethic card in American politics is yet to be achieved. Confirmed sources have it that the minister of foreign affairs and international relations, Haja Zainab Bangura is behind it all. Investigations carried out by this medium allege that money once meant for the preservation of the historic Bunce Island by the Gullah Geechee nation in America was diverted into private pockets by Zainab Bangura and others who are household names in the country. (Photo: Gullah Slaves, circa 1930)

However, attempts to get the minister’s own side of the allegation proved futile as the degree of protocol to see the minister is frustrating.

The Sierra Leone Gullah Kinship Association is of the view that Sierra Leone is connected to the United States than any other African country through Bunce Island and the Gullah Geechee connection, the founding of Freetown, the Amistad revolt scenario and the Banana Island and Ile de Dos, as history has shown that only five hundred thousand slaves entered the US during the slave era, and Bunce Island alone shipped about six thousand slaves yearly from 1750 to1807.

The association also holds the view that America is a nation of immigrants as its politics and policies are different from any other country in the world. No country can influence American foreign policies in its favor without playing the ethnic card.

Justifying the statement, tiny Cape Verde with one hundred thousand Cape Verdean fishermen settled in Boston, Connecticut with two senators and a congressman within their domain have successfully played the ethnic card and now receivie the highest economic assistance per capital than any other African nation.

Descendants of Sierra Leone live in four states in America with twelve senators and thirty-six congressmen within their political domain, yet still the government is unable to build a political alliance with those people to play the ethnic card, rather a few individuals that consider themselves untouchable are using the connection to enrich themselves.

The good intention of Gullahs to use the connection for the benefit of all has faced stiff resistance from major state actors in the APC Government.

The head of the Sierra Leone Gullah Kinship Association, Chief Nbompa Dumbuya is seen by outsiders as a coward as he has all what it takes to expose those standing as a stumbling block to the people of Sierra Leone but has refused to do so for an unexplainable reason.

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