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Sierra Leoneans should be proud of President Koroma and give him a second term, says political veteran, Idrisa Dizo-Conteh!

Sierra Leoneans should be proud of President Koroma and give him a second term, says political veteran, Idrisa Dizo-Conteh!

The next presidential election in Sierra Leone is unquestionably two years away, but a staunch and very experienced APC party activist believes President Koroma has done enough so far to secure a second term in office.

Mr Idrisa Dizo-Conteh (in photo), the Political Education Officer for APC UK and N. Ireland Branch, says: “the practical works HE Ernest Koroma has done and still continues to do since he took office are a clear testimony of a president who loves his country more than himself.”

“The president is making major strides in boosting the agriculture sector so that there’s food security in the country,“ says Mr. Dizo-Conteh, adding “the government is implementing steps that will make people have access to sufficient food that can help enhance a healthy standard of living.”

In an exclusive interview with Sierra Express Media’s CEO, Adeyemi Paul, Mr Dizo-Conteh lamented that though the global economic climate is very challenging “the president is going all out to make sure he does his best for the people of Sierra Leone.”

“The country is making remarkable progress because of the president’s true leadership,” stated Mr Dizo-Conteh.  “The president’s Agenda for Change is the right programme which Sierra Leone needs for its success.  And, of course the president is putting this programme into action.”

Mr. Dizo-COnteh stated that the president is “focused on making sure that there’s a reliable electricity supply.”  He {President Koroma} is making sure that we have an improved national transportation network, and he is also boosting the public sector.

Concerned about the fact that a huge section of the population was at risk of poor health, he {President Koroma} has established the Free National Healthcare, and this will save the lives of more than a million mothers and children,” says Mr Dizo-Conteh.

Just before the last general election in Sierra Leone, Mr Dizo’s resignation from his position as Propaganda Secretary for the APC UK branch provoked some dissatisfaction amongst some party members as his letter had been leaked to the press.  Some analysts said he was a senior politician and his resignation at that time was sending the wrong signal.

Defending his decision, Mr Dizo-Conteh said he resigned his position and reaffirmed his loyalty to the party because he “believed the APC could not have won the elections if they were still divided. Sadly, some people misunderstood the logic behind my resignation,” he protested.  He went on to say “but I really wanted to see members within the party come together to mount a serious challenge that can dislodge the then SLPP led-government.

Resigning from my position gave me ample time to frantically work behind the scenes to help bring unity within the party,” he revealed, adding “as soon as this stalemate had been resolved the new energy quickly spread amongst all party members.  This helped us to intensify our efforts which led to the eventual end of the SLPPs grip on power.”

During the general elections in 2007, Mr Dizo-Conteh, bought a significant number of mobile phones which were distributed to party activists across the country in Bo, Kenema, Makeni and Freetown.  “These phones were given to party activists on the grounds to ensure they coordinated their activities effectively to help bring back the APC to power,” Mr Dizo-Conteh revealed.

With regards to foreign relations, Mr Dizo-Conteh argued that the government’s “foreign relations strategy is outstanding and one that will provide mutual benefit for Sierra Leone and its international partners.”

Responding to Mr Sahr Yambasu’s appointment as the country’s new Ambassador to Russia, Mr Dizo-Conteh said “Mr Yambasu is not only an experienced and fine politician, he is someone who has studied in Russia, he understands the Russians and will surely be a great asset for our country.”

Mr Dizo-Conteh, who also studied in Russia when it was formally the USSR, gained his Masters Degree in International Law at Kiev State University in the Republic of Ukraine in the early 90s.

“Yes, the USSR was a great country, and of course Russia now is still great,” says Mr Dizo-Conteh.  “It is a country that will benefit Sierra Leone and there’s an opportunity for us to promote our culture, as well as showcase to Russia what Sierra Leone can offer in terms of Foreign Direct Investment.”

Reacting to other key social issues, Mr. Dizo-Conteh said “the government is committed to tackling corruption; and determined to make Sierra Leone a fair society.”

Mr. Dizo-Conteh, who for the past 3 years has been the European representative for the Gullah Kinship Association, recently facilitated a visit for a delegation of people from Sierra Leone, which included Chief Dumbuya, to South Carolina.

Meanwhile, he recently hosted a special dinner for another outstanding APC politician, Dr. Jengo Stevens who was on a month’s visit to the United Kingdom.  The dinner was organised at Mr. Dizo-Conteh’s residence in London where the two veterans shared the strong passion they have for their party.

“The dinner was an event to reminisce our various efforts to bring the APC back to power and to celebrate the achievement; but also to look at what lays ahead of us,” Mr Dizo-Conteh concluded.

By Adeyemi Paul (United Kingdom)

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  • Second term is not a gift from the electorate to the President but an endorsement of outstanding performance by the administration. If Ernest Koroma New APC lead government has met the criteria, no doubt hewill be re- assured of another “woo teh-teh”like President Tejan-Kabbah. Check the cabinet and autonomous bureau appointees and see how successful the president has united the country.Five more years after 2012 will definitely make Sierra Leone an icon and envy of other African countries where ethnic and regional divide will no longer be part of ouy political vocabulary.
    Trust me, it is not over till it is over.

  • Why second term, and as far as I am concerned, he should be made President for Life either through a decree or a standard referendum, which will yield atleast 90% positive votes.Long Live His Excellency Dr Bai Koroma and Long live Mama Salone


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