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President Koroma Second Term Assured!

President Koroma Second Term Assured!

Sierra Leone’s President is certain to secure another term in office, independent investigations conducted have confirmed.

With half of his first term almost completed, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has impressed majority of the people of Sierra Leone both locally and internationally including his critics. In fact, his reputation internationally continues to grow by the day having impressed the International Community with his style of leadership and governance.

Many see him as a model worth emulating as far as African politics is concerned – and it is because of this that the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, among others, described him as one of the finest African leaders the world can trust.

This was the reason why Oxford University has decided to invite the Sierra Leonean leader to share his experience on his leadership style. “We would be delighted to have the Sierra Leonean leader to share his experience on leadership with us – he is one of the world’s most respected leaders,” Oxford President stated in a letter.

Recently, the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone presented their State of Human Rights report on Sierra Leone – impressions about the country’s human rights situation and political stability.

The report which serves as the proper paradigm showing whether the Koroma administration had failed or succeeded in three years of rule, gives a resounding acclamation for the ruling government.

Press freedom under President Koroma has been a success story more than any other government in Sierra Leone and not a single journalist has ever been arrested or detained by government agents under the present rule.

President Koroma has manifested his leadership qualities in fulfilling what he had promised the Sierra Leonean people in almost every area of development. For example, in the area of electricity, the country is now enjoying consistent power supply especially in the city of Freetown. And this he did within his first 100 days in office as promised when he took over government.

In addition to this, Bumbuna Hydro electricity plant is now generating enough megawatts to ensure that the city of Freetown has an uninterrupted supply of power. “This is a major success story for the government of Sierra Leone because no government will ever succeed in a country where there is no power supply,” observed a Western diplomat.

Before now, Freetown was the darkest and filthiest city in the world and just under three years, the situation has changed massively for the better considerably. On health, no government has ever taken the strides already achieved by the present government in that area.

The Ernest Bai Koroma government met this sector in a situation akin to death and within three years the health sector is now the pride of the country. The pinnacle of this success has been the free medical service for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children under the age of five which was introduced by President Koroma. The success of this innovation is already being commended in all parts of the country, and even internationally.

On infrastructure, there has been massive improvement in the road network and other infrastructural development in the country. New roads are being built while old roads are being rehabilitated. Buildings are being torn down to give place to roads and malls and in the process modern structures are replacing dilapidated old ones. Four lanes are replacing narrow single tracks where passing vehicles once narrowly miss each other on the road.

There is now renewed vigour and enthusiasm in the fight against corruption more than ever before with prosecutorial powers now given to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). This has seen ministers and heads of government among others, being arrested and prosecuted in what the President described as ‘No Sacred Cows’ drive. Business climate has been conducive and potential investors are being encouraged into doing business in Sierra Leone as a Presidential decree giving authority for people wanting to establish business to do so within a 48-hour period, now in place.

In the mining sector, a new agreement put in place by the government of Sierra Leone is making it possible for land owners to benefit. Indications about Koroma’s second term success have been hinted by some of the local papers in Sierra Leone – among them is the 2008/2009 Newspaper of the Year award winner AWOKO which declared the President of securing more than 70 percent of the votes in the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

“I think the people of Sierra Leone should be happy having a leader like President Koroma – he is quite a decent hard-working and committed leader,” said an international political analyst.

This is an opinion shared by most Diasporans and other members of the International Community.  More on this later

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  • Dear Sorie,
    I should not be suprised at your fillibustering of Pa Koroma’s pupported achievements in 3years as that is why you are paid.However, may i ask you to reflect your days at FW international working with the Independent Observer of Jonathan Leigh when things were relatively good as compared to today with skyrocketting prices of the basic commodities under the current leadership of Pa Koroma!.Describing the president as a model is very rediculous as when you talk to over sixty Masters and PhD students in China they will say may be he is a model in the comtest of not talking true.Also they will also tell you that in China president koroma have not manifested his leadership qualities in fulfilling what he had promised the sierra leonean student in two separate occassion by failing to ensure the harmonization of the beneficiary list and enhancing prompt payment of subsidiary allowances and shipments of students learning materials.Last month visiting freetown, it still remains the filtiest city in africa.With several ministers in his cabinet including Musa Tarawally being corrupt to the core with alot of unfilled contracts like the rehabilitation of the Lungi Barracks, poor construction of the kissy Mess Mess fire force facilities,rehab of the old Moyamba prison, non supply of vehicle to MOHS and the canibalisation Of Agric vehicles at his Continental Garrage at Wilkenson road and many more, what are you talking about the fight of corruptions?Please remember when you write it those that are literate that can read hence you need to think again before writing.
    Joseph P.R.China

    19th August 2010

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