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Violence and Crime Surge

Violence and Crime Surge

Sierra Express views with utmost revulsion the unprecedented surge of violence and crime that is taking over the civility and peace of the country; in barely two months this Press has been able to record more than 100 occurrences of violent crimes in the Capital of the country alone. That is, talking about those on record and those we have been privy to.

Reports reaching this Press tell no better story of what occurs in the Northern and far Eastern Provinces of the country.

What is baffling though is that the police have been connected with most such cases as community people continue to register their firm conviction that the police are heavily involved in most of the armed robberies taking place in most parts of the country.

Whilst Sierra Express could brand the suspicions of the citizenry as the gospel truth, we are also equally concerned that the name of our British trained police is in such guttural; inhuman and gross unprofessional misconduct.

Agreeably, we may come to terms with the fact that there are still reneged members of different factions in the past civil that are able to cause such menace on the peace of the country but that few police and military officials are on record being caught in the act is also very sickening.

Time and again, guns confiscated from armed robbers have been identified as those belonging to the Sierra Leone police or armed forces which suggests to a very large extent that one way or the other the army and or the police could be involved. Its either they are behind the mischief or they are actually in the degusting trade. 

What questions this brings to mind is whether it’s the aftermath of the war that has turned to hunt us or the poverty in the forces and among young people is what is militating against us.

Leaving the issue of armed robbery; domestic violence is now certainly the order of the day. There seems to be no respect for laws and conventions binding the issue of domestic violence in the country. Mothers and fathers turn on their children with reckless and inhuman treatments, children as young as five and eight are amongst the most raped group in the country. Broad daylight stabbing of each other among our youth tells a very sad story about social and community peace. Child trafficking is now a common phenomenon

What is sickening to think about is a reflection of what the country was before the ten year gruesome war in the country. Lawlessness was the order of the day; malcontent was rife among the youth, and the police and military joined in the mix of anarchy and disorder; we only fear this is not a rebirth of that obtained in the late eighties leading to the outbreak of the civil strife in 1991.

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