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Africell is truly a marvel!

Africell is truly a marvel!

Telecommunication giant in the country, Africell, is indeed a marvel not just in the world of telecommunication; it also practically epitomizes quality leadership in many areas of corporate ventures, particularly in Sierra Leone. This can be determined in many ways and most times, the leadership quality exhibited by this corporate giant is self explicable to anyone that truly cares to know.

When it all started a few years ago, it was  more than apparent that Africell, the then new telecom phenomenon was not just here to stay, but to grow and capture the leadership of not just telecommunications, but to also set the pace for corporate governance in Sierra Leone.

Many people were of the opinion that Africell was a pricey joke! That was because of the elaborate customer care facility the company placed premium on from the outset. It gave absolutely free calls to all and sundry, something that was a novelty in poverty-stricken Sierra Leone – the rationale behind this novelty was hard to grasp. The reputation it acquired during that period and the extra-ordinary loyalty it now enjoys among other things is the wealth of subscribers that is an obvious edge over other mobile phone companies.

The Africell customer-boom obviously started from this singular marketing strategy, originating from them alone and now an accepted marketing stratum used worldwide.

The company’s tariff is also something that has given the extra motivation for the phenomenal growth it has been able to record in just few years of its establishment in the country. This endeared the subscribers to the company, bringing out a loyalty that has never been duplicated in the history of corporate telecommunications in the country. The company has shown extreme consistency and provided the virtual leadership in customer friendly tariff over the years, making it the ‘peoples company’ – rich or poor, high or low, in towns or in villages – all for one reason: Africell tariff is affordable, unbeatable and made to suit the econometrics of the country at any given time.

Apart from the unbeatable nature and uniqueness of its tariff, another key factor in the Africell growth and prosperity is its corporate social responsibility. This, many have come to believe, is second to none in the country, contributing very positively to both community and national development programmes.

But inasmuch as it holds sacred its corporate social responsibility, the company is also very committed to ensuring that it customer care promotion activity takes centre stage in its widely established range of goodies drafted for its customership in the country. Scores of people are now millionaires because of Africell. Many businesses exist today because Africell lives on.

In the field of employment, Africell takes lead because of wide range of employment opportunities. Because it is the biggest seller in the market, it definitely employs more people, both directly and indirectly to ensure that the company’s vast subscriber base is attended to.

Now the company has a host of awards to make as in its popular slogan “No. for All the Reasons.”  

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