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On the Formation of New Chapters in the North America Region

On the Formation of New Chapters in the North America Region

Contrary to deleterious distortions being posted in the media anonymously, the chairman of the Sierra Leone People’s Party in North America makes the following clarifications:.

  1. The SLPPNA executive IS NOT OPPOSED to the formation of new chapters. On the contrary, the SLPPNA executive WELCOMES THE FORMATION OF NEW CHAPTERS. New chapters add to the strength of the SLPP and the SLPP in North America. Equally, new chapters should not be seen to be destroying or sapping away the strength of existing chapters.
  2.  New chapters must meet three simple criteria: a) meet constitutional standards, b) good cause – show cause for forming the chapter, and c) show evidence that they have followed due process – minutes of first meeting, list of members, list of executive or interim executive members, evidence of the $1,000 being raised purposefully for the registration of the chapter, evidence of communication with the organizing secretary/secretariat/or regional executive about the intent to form the chapter. Once any prospective chapter meets these simple criteria, the SLPPNA executive will discuss and approve that prospective chapter’s formal addition to the North America region.
  3. The SLPP has maintained a very strong tradition of ethical and transparent practices in governance and in conducting the affairs of the party. The North America regional executive refuses to be blackmailed by a cabal of unethical persons who are busy anonymously paying chapter registration fees but fail to provide verifiable membership lists, minutes of meetings, or lists of executive members of those so-called new chapters they are opening simultaneously only 5 days before election deadline.
  4. Marda Mustapha’s empty threat of a court injunction if the regional executive does not unconditionally admit these chapters that have so far failed to fulfill due process and necessary conditions for becoming chapters, is really much ado about nothing. The SLPP in North America executive will respond when and if it is served accordingly.
  5. This executive and this region will not be cowed into submission by media fabrications and threats of bogus injunctions. Every new chapter will observe the minimum conditions and due process as agreed upon by the administration of this region with no exception.
  6. Marda Mustapha rudely and illegally interrupted a regional executive meeting this week, screaming insults and making unspecified threats. The latest media distortions can only be seen as an extension of such a negative disposition. Stiff disciplinary measures will be discussed and taken by this regional executive soon. The SLPP as a party is bigger than any one person.
Augustine Boss Fallay
Regional Chairman, SLPP in North America

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