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July 2018

Due to the increase in the crime rate in Deep Eye Water village in constituency 111, well - wishers including the APC Honorable Member of Parliament, John Sati Kargbo, provided financial and logistical support towards

Bar Association Slams Sierra Leone Police In response to the Press Release put forward by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) on the 20th July, 2018, The Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) has adequately sets the

Fawaz Unequivocally Proves His Innocence In our world today, the righteous they say, most times suffer for the wicked. This is exactly the case with Abdul Hamid Hajj Fawaz (in photo), the popular Lebanese/Sierra Leonean business

Savina Diamonds Ltd., a company registered at Company House of Sierra Leone since August 2013, has executed licences of exportation in diamond, and after in gold until 2016 then the associates and owners decided to

Speaking to Sierra Express Media in a compassionate mood and on condition of anonymity, some workers at the Connaught Hospital Mortuary have described the manner in which the management of Victory Enterprise, a wine and

As okada riders in the Waterloo 55 Park are being sensitized that no bike should ply the roads after 12 midnight effect Monday July 23rd, the Bike Riders Union in the district is also busy

The Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Tourism and Cultural Affairs has on Thursday 19th July 2018, engaged three institutional developmental unit in the tourism industry including the Monument and Relics Commission, the Sierra Leone National Museum

Member of Parliament representing Constituency 115 Western Urban Area Hon. Alpha Amadu Bah (in photo)  has promised to constructively engage his Constituents towards the negative impacts on the passage of the Finance Act of 2018

The attention of the public was drawn to one of the headlines, “Sierra Leone Police accused of stifling freedoms”. There are others stating that “Sierra Leone is gradually becoming worse than North Korea”. According to

In 1991, Kenneth Kaunda who ruled Zambia for 27 years became the first African Head of State to concede defeat in a multi-party elections in which he lost to Frederick Chiluba. Frederick Chiluba came on

Shuaibu, a well-known musical star is set to drop one of his best ever track titled Mambo. Shuaibu has featured artists in Freetown Sierra Leone like Arkman in Kokorose and the Nigerian Terry G. Shuaibu is a

An innovative film creation group identified to be  UK-Film Production (UK-FP) has introduced an exclusive village films setting performances or rehearsals  at Dauda Street, Lahai Street , Lumpa via new London community ,Waterloo, Western Rural

The Government Transitional Team report (GTT), is out and President Bio has promised to implement the recommendations of the 124-page report. President Bio has directed the Attorney General and Minister of justice to establish a

SLPP GOVERNMENT SELLS SIERRA LEONE FOR CHICKEN CHANGE This is an undeniable fact that President Bio’s government is not seeking the general welfare of the self-evident Sierra Leoneans who are severely suffering from affording even our

The first one hundred (100) days of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Government of President Julius Maada Bio saw inflation of basic food commodities which has resulted to high level of hunger, constitutional violation,