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November 2014

So Blaise Campaore (in photo) the powerful dictator and pseudo-democrat of Burkina Faso has been forced out of office. I have broken myself-imposed vow of silence, call it sabbatical from the Puawui column in order

The African community in New York is outraged over the beating of two Senegalese brothers, called “Ebola,” while being attacked by a group of about 15 schoolchildren at I.S. 318 Elementary School in Tremont, Bronx.

Dr. Anwar Kahn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Islamic Relief, a United States based world’s recognized non - profit has requested all its affiliates, sympathizers and friends to offer regular prayers for the suffering people

Concerns about Beijing's strategic intents are due to the prejudiced views of China-bashers rather than a lack of transparency Some media and powers in the West are keen to sensationalize what they call China's "uncertain strategic