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February 2014

More than twenty years ago, circa 1994, I was sitting in a small seminar room in the heart of London, with about ten or so other people.  The topic of discussion was the eradication of

JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, February 18, 2014/ -- African energy leaders see global climate framework uncertainty, high energy prices, and commodity prices as the critical issues driving Africa’s energy agenda this year, according to the 2014 World

Alex Hailey's "ROOTS" was an eye opener on African-Americans' desire to discover their origin.  Sierra Leoneans are also very familiar with the history of the Gollahs of South Carolina, whose strong connections with Sierra Leone

In the past few weeks, several meetings were held at State House to review our energy projects. The outcome of these meetings has left His Excellency the President with the conclusion that the Ministry of Energy

The World Bank, in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Finance,  has started the pilot operational communication endeavor to showcase results of the projects in the World Bank country portfolio.

Rome, 17 February 2014 – As the international community works on a post-2015 development framework that ushers in profound changes in development policy, investment and practice needed for rural transformation, the International Fund for Agricultural

Kambia, Feb. 17 (SLENA) – The Sierra Leone embassy in the Republic of Guinea has extended its entry pass documents to the border post of Gbalamuya in the Kambia District, SLENA reports. Protocol Officer, A.B. Sankoh

African Minerals, the developer and operator of the Tonkolili iron ore mine in Sierra Leone, yesterday announced the appointment of Ausenco Limited ahead of its Phase II iron ore production. The expansion, which is expected to

Freetown, Feb. 17 (SLENA) - The new Managing Director of the Sierra Leone Postal Services (SALPOST) has said in a recent interview with the Sierra Leone News Agency that it was wrong in the first

Anyone will agree or disagree with me on the issues that I am going to touch on about the attitude and behaviour of Sierra Leoneans, especially towards their social, political and individual issues.  However, I

Five months after United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim visited Africa’s Great Lakes region, a 15-member delegation of the UN Security Council followed suit. The delegation travelled to the

When Liberia’s 14-year civil war was ending 10 years ago, citizens desperately wanted to live in a country where children could go to school safely, women are not molested, traders travel between cities, and so

I am a proud alumnus of Fourah Bay College, one of the constituent colleges that make up the University of Sierra Leone and the oldest in Sub-Saharan Africa.  I graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development Dr Khelfala Marah (in photo), has high level discussion with heads of State Own Enterprises at his George street office in Freetown.  The purpose of the meeting according to

Tablets, which are light mobile computers, are currently in vogue. Because they are handy and easy to use, tablets are especially popular with students, businesspeople and professionals. Apple’s iPads lead the way in the tablet market